20 Keto Snacks That Cut The Cravings And Help You Lose The Weight

A common misconception for those looking into or starting keto is that you won’t be able to snack. While it IS important to choose the right ones so they don’t knock you out of ketosis, you can in fact snack. There are also many great snacks that will cut your cravings and keep you satiated until dinner.

Snacking with keto isn’t what you were used to snacking on before keto. You’ll need to rethink what snacks are to you. Gone are the days of packages of cookies and bags of chips. Stick to low carb, high-fat options. There are many great ready to go snacks and some awesome recipes to keep you in ketosis, cut the cravings, and keep you from feeling deprived.

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Keto Diet 101: Beginner’s Guide

The Ketogenic Diet also known as Keto is one of the most popular diets right now.

It became insanely popular a few years back, and it is still gaining traffic all over the globe.

If you are wondering what all the buzz is about this diet or interested to get started and want to know the details of the diet, then keep reading.

I will share all about the Ketogenic diet in all its low-carb, high-fat glory. Sit back and learn about this fantastic diet.

Many people have a lot of questions about what precisely the Ketogenic diet is, how does it work, can you lose weight, what foods are you able to consume and so on. I thought it would be great to share how this diet works, potential benefits, things to consider before starting and more. I hope you find this very helpful for your Some people especially need keto diet journey. 

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Easy and Best Keto Hacks For Beginners

Living on keto in a low carb lifestyle does not initially come easy, but it does get easier. There are “hack” foods that will make life easier, and we’ll go over them later on. If you ever get stumped on what to eat, check out some of our recipes. It’ll make life easier. I’ll go over some tips for making a keto diet easier and be successful. So whether you are eating out or just eating on the go, I’ve got you covered with the foods you should and shouldn’t eat.

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6 Top Tips to Look like a Blogging Pro (and not a Newbie!)

If you’ve been following my blog and have been considering jumping into the blogger pond and are now looking at my guides, and want to look professional, you need to make sure you’re making the best first impression. You don’t want to look like today is your first-day blogging. The goal is to look like you’ve been here awhile even if you haven’t. But guess what, there is good news! These 6 steps are easy to implement and look like the professional you want to look like. Here are my top six tips you need to know if you want to look like pro blogger:

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Indian Shores Vacation: What to Do When it Rains

If you read my posts from our Spring Break vacation to Indian Shores, you’ll know I didn’t allude to the fact that it was cold and rainy all but 2 days of our stay. It completely sucks when you plan a beach vacation and it gets rained out.  I had a vision in my head of warm sunny days, beach breeze flowing through the balcony and condo, relaxing on the beach or at the pool, but instead, I found myself finding ways to keep the entire family (6 of us) entertained. While my list will tell you what to do in Indian Shores, the basic premise can be applied to just about any destination. If you are worried that the vacation was ruined, believe me when I say, we all agreed it was the best vacation we’d ever had! I think this was due to our thought on this particular vacation. Our plan was to be laid back and not plan any events and just go with it.

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The Beginner’s Guide To St. Louis

St. Louis
I am completely in LOVE with St. Louis.
Here’s why.
Having been born and raised there, there’s not much a resident misses and this is where I got a chance to deep dive into the treasure of the Show-Me State.
St. Louis has a multitude to offer for any palate from the most discerning to the person who just wants a great hot dog. The city’s food caters to everyone from the sports enthusiast, to foodies, to entrepreneurs, to art snobs, and more.
This beginners guide to St. Louis isn’t just for newbies, but to rediscover elements of the city you may have forgotten!
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What To Do With Kids In Indian Shores, Florida Day 3


Day three in  Indian Shores, Florida was so full of moments for our family and I am so excited to share it with you all.

By day three we felt like we really had a good grasp of what we wanted out of the vacation and found ourselves looking for the right moments. I think we did a great job filling the time with memories. Looking at the pictures, I reminded just how much we really did do. Indian Shores is a popular road trip destination for Floridians, but also a big tourist area.  Since we are within hours, we can drive easily but even in Florida you can use Silver Airways and fly in to save time on the drive and have more time to really enjoy the area. I think either way you can’t go wrong, but making sure you have as much time as possible here is a good idea, no matter how you get here or how old you are!

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