Easy Keto Mojito – Low Carb

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These Keto Mojitos are the perfect summer party drink, and won’t kick you out of ketosis!

Picking the right summer cocktail

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You may start noticing a lot of summery keto recipes on the blog, and I admit, I’ve been on a heavy summery keto kick for the past month.  It’s only just starting with this keto mojito recipe, I’ve got several more ideas up my sleeve 😉 .


There is something about lighter foods and having cocktails on the condo balcony over the beach. Just something about the last lazyEasy Keto Mojito - Low Carb 2 days of summer with friends that just can’t be beat Maybe my last ditch effort to hold on to all of it?


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Whatever the reason, I am embracing this last bit of summer.


When it comes to selecting a summer cocktail, some get overwhelmed.  Does it even matter?


The truth is it’s not that complicated. I simply look for what I think will be refreshing to my guests.


The best cocktails on a low carb diet

Easy Keto Mojito - Low Carb 3For anyone on keto, you want to drink clear liquors. Stay away from dark alcohols. Your biggest problem is selecting your mixer. I’m making your job a little easier sharing tasty recipes that are low-carb/keto friendly but you can read more on what you can drink on keto here.


I LOVE mojitos.  There.  I said it.  There is nothing not awesome about a mojito as far as I’m concerned!  I love the citrusy, minty flavor, not to mention they are absolutely refreshing in the summer, amiright?



The Mojito drink is a minty, citrusy, sweet cocktail that was born in Cuba in the 16th century. Simply switching out the sugar for zero carb sweetener/erythritol makes this a 0-carb/low carb version of the mojito. The mojito flavors make it the perfect summer drink.


Preparation of the mojito consists of muddling the ingredients, gently bruising the mint leaves to release the oils and not macerating them.


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Zero Net Carb SImple Syrup Ingredients:
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In a small saucepan, bring ½ cup of water to a boil. Add in ½ cup of your zero carb sweetener and immediately remove from heat. Stir until all sweetener is dissolved and set aside to thicken and cool.

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Fill 4 glasses halfway with ice. Add in 3 mint leaves, ¼ of the lime slices, 1oz vodka, and 1oz simple syrup to each.

Easy Keto Mojito - Low Carb 6

Muddle all together until limes and mint leaves are mashed well.

Easy Keto Mojito - Low Carb 7











Top off with sparkling water and enjoy! 

Note: Don't forget to garnish your glass with mint leaves and lime wedges!

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