Backcountry Cocktails: The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Outdoor Experience 1
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Backcountry Cocktails: The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Outdoor Experience

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Unearth the magic of nature-infused drinks with 'Backcountry Cocktails: Civilized Drinks for Wild Places.' Immerse yourself in craft cocktails, foraging adventures, and more for the quintessential wilderness rendezvous.


Backcountry Cocktails: Civilized Drinks for Wild Places


Nature and sophistication intertwine in "Backcountry Cocktails: Civilized Drinks for Wild Places." This guide is not just about drinks; it's an invitation to experience the wilderness like never before.

The Genius Behind Backcountry Cocktails:

Steven Grasse and Adam Erace, renowned for their work in "The Cocktail Workshop," have crafted this masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the untouched beauty of New Hampshire's White Mountains, they've curated an experience that resonates with both nature enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados.

A Holistic Approach to Outdoor Entertaining:

Beyond the allure of craft cocktails, the book delves deep into the essence of outdoor entertaining. With recipes ranging from the Crispy Cast-Iron Trout to DIY segments on fermenting vegetables, it offers a comprehensive guide to making the most of your time in the wild.

Foraging: A Deep Dive:

The book's "field guide" section is a treasure trove for those keen on foraging. It's a journey of discovery, where you learn about medicinal plants, wild mushrooms, and the art of connecting with the land on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Tailored Cocktails for Every Occasion:

Be it the warmth of spiked cocoa after a snowy hike or the refreshing touch of a summer fizz, there's a concoction for every moment. These cocktails, designed with portability in mind, ensure that no matter where you are, the spirit of celebration is never far behind.

Sustainability: More Than Just a Buzzword:

"Backcountry Cocktails" champions sustainability. With a focus on all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices, it's a testament to the fact that luxury and responsibility can coexist. Dive into recipes that are not only delicious but also kind to Mother Earth.

The Experience:

Imagine this: You're nestled by a campfire, the vast expanse of the starlit sky above, the gentle hum of nature around, and in your hand is a craft cocktail, its essence distilled from the very surroundings you're in. That's the experience "Backcountry Cocktails" promises.


"Backcountry Cocktails: Civilized Drinks for Wild Places" is more than just a book; it's an odyssey. An odyssey that promises the thrill of adventure, the comfort of nature, and the luxury of a well-crafted drink. So, as you gear up for your next wilderness escapade, make sure this guide finds a place in your backpack. After all, what's an adventure without a touch of luxury?


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