Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks You May Not Be Aware Of

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Are you always looking at home hacks? Me too! But, I’m here to help you today! I am excited to share hydrogen peroxide hacks that are a good idea! I recently used hydrogen peroxide as the perfect whitener for my white jeans. And LOVED it! Um, JACKPOT! Trying new hacks can be intimidating, so I thought I’d share some tips for hydrogen peroxide that are tried and true!

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Cleaning Mistakes That Are Spreading Germs and Making Your Home Dirtier

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One of my favorite parts of this time of year is getting my home clean and ready for the holidays!  We are often in a whirlwind of activity with daily bustle and work and right now we are adding a host of holiday liveliness to that already full plate. So we are fitting cleaning in quickly but more often so that we are ready for guests, both expected and unexpected. We all want nothing more than to stay on top of it so that we are able to hang out with family and snuggle up while watching holiday movies.

We all want a clean home and make every effort to clean and keep it clean, often thinking we are preventing germs. However, there are some common cleaning habits that are actually spreading germs and making your home dirtier. I’ve compiled this list to help you be sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes.

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Tricks for Making Your Towels Last Longer

Right now, as Christmas approaches quickly, we look at our home to see what needs a refresh for hosting our guests.  Many people focus on carpet, furniture, etc. Often overlooked are the worn and dilapidated towels we’ve used for goodness knows how long!

Did you know, you should replace your towels every two years?! Most of us keep them for years! Even with the best care, towels will wear down and become less absorbent.

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5 Clever Ways to Organize Your Pantry

It may be hidden from view, but one of the most important parts of the kitchen is the pantry.  If it’s an unorganized mess, meal planning can be difficult and food always gets wasted.  It’s crucial to have a functioning system that helps you monitor your inventory and use your perishables efficiently.  When you have an organized pantry, it amounts to savings in time and money.  So, here are five clever ways to organize your pantry.

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5 Frugal and Safe Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home

You would be surprised how easy it is to make your own homemade cleaner solutions without the use of harmful chemicals.  There is a common thread that underpins most of these cleaners and they can be used for purposes other than what is described below.  The best news is that you probably don’t have to go out and buy anything new for these safe homemade cleaning products.

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11 Time & Money Saving Cleaning Hacks For The Kitchen

If you have a family or love cooking, then you love your kitchen. However, it gets a lot of use and therefore needs a lot of cleaning from the build-up of all that cooking. So, who wants to do that part, am I right? No fun there. All those grease stains, spots, smells that develop over time… Time for some kitchen cleaning hacks.  These amazing tips will cut down on the cost and time investment that comes with regularly maintaining your kitchen.

These 11 kitchen cleaning hacks and tips are THE BEST! I'm so happy I found these AWESOME tips! Such great life hacks for keeping things clean! Definitely pinning!

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8 Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money

These laundry hacks are amazing! I will use them to help me get organized and save time and money! So pinning! #laundry #hacks #savetime #savemoney

Most of us keep up with the cleaning of our bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms but often leave laundry to the last because we are overwhelmed at the magnitude of it. From stains under arms to grease stains, to organizing the laundry it is all so much.

I’ve garnered many tips from experts over time and implemented them to save me time and to help you get over your sense of overwhelm, and compiled the best and easiest to get you started on the road to maintaining, organizing and overall saving time and money. Be sure to let me know what you already do that helps you!

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8 Genius Cleaning Hacks To Save You Time

These cleaning hacks are super! So many great ideas I had never heard of! I'll for sure be using most, if not all! So pinning! #cleaning #hacks #DIY #time

With summer upon us, it will be extra hard to keep up with the house when the kids are home all day and all we want to do is have fun with them. Even during holidays, it’s hard. No matter the time of year, these cleaning hacks will help you keep clean and speed clean. No one wants to spend time cleaning when we can be spending time having fun. In my quest to shorten my cleaning time, I came across these super helpful tips that I am sure will help you as well!

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