Washing Machine Cleaning with Vinegar
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5 Steps to Washing Machine Cleaning with Vinegar

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So, you're probably thinking that you don't need a Washing Machine Cleaning. It seems crazy that we are expected to clean the washing machine. After all, it was designed and developed for a specific job: cleaning clothes with soap!


Washing Machine Cleaning with Vinegar


Over time though, residue from soaps can start causing problems by building up in small crevices of your home appliance as well as clogging pipes or hoses leading into and out of the machine.

Washing machines are just as dirty as your kitchen sinks and shower. The dirtiest part of the machine is usually where you put your clothes in, so that’s good to clean from time to time!

As hardworking appliances go, washing machines have a lot on their plates: they get food bits out of all our stained clothing; scrub away stains left by spilled milk or coffee grounds; remove tough pet hair particles (eww), not to mention lint balls made up of synthetic fabric fibers high off the ground that can act like sticky flypaper for dust mites lurking about.

A dirty washing machine is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria! And there’s nothing more disgusting than putting your clothes in after they have been washed.

This is where the dirty truth comes in and now I'm going to let you know how to clean a machine which will help prevent future problems with clothes not being able to get as clean or building up an odor if left neglected for any amount of time.

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or veteran at washing clothes, there's one important thing that everyone should know: how to clean their laundry machine! 

Surprisingly, all you need is good ol’ vinegar for Washing Machine Cleaning! This was a shocker because I thought that it would be hard and expensive. 

Vinegar is a cleaning staple. It can be used to clean your microwave, dishes, and everything in between! You may have heard of people using vinegar to get rid of odors? Well, it works great for smells all over the house including furniture and carpets too. Vinegar also helps you by keeping down the dust mites that thrive on fabric fibers- so they won’t bother anyone again soon enough with their pesky allergies or asthma attacks.


When it comes to cleaning your clothes, you don't have the time or money for mistakes. That's why we recommend a do-it-yourself Washing Machine Cleaning.

Here’s the no-hassle, eco-friendly way to Washing Machine Cleaning! With these quick steps, not only will your clothes come out cleaner but also using fewer chemicals that are bad both for our earth as well us humans' health!


5 Steps to Washing Machine Cleaning with Vinegar 1


Here are five easy steps to Washing Machine Cleaning:


First, start by cleaning off soap scum and mildew from around rubber seals with vinegar. Scrub all nooks of crannies for a thorough scrubbing - make sure you get in there thoroughly or it'll be back soon enough.

Remove any removable dispensers so they get a good soaking while you work on the rest of the machine.

Then you'll need to set up an empty wash cycle using the largest load size available and hottest water possible; add two cups of white vinegar and let the cycle run through completely.

For extra oomph in cleaning, add a half cup of baking soda.

Then take off any remaining detergent from inside by hand scrubbing while rinsing vigorously - this is where most residue will be collected!

Lastly, get rid of greasy spots around door seal areas to remove any soap scum and mildew.

You should periodically do a deep Washing Machine Cleaning. I know it can seem like a daunting task, but if you allow yourself the time and follow these simple steps, then every six months is easy!

Washing machines are hardworking little guys that deserve some TLC now and again—especially since they clean all of our dirty clothes for us on an almost weekly basis. The best way to give them more than just their usual quick wipe down? A good old-fashioned deep cleaning (and not using any harsh detergents!). If done right once or twice each year, this will keep everything running smoothly at home while also extending the life of your washer by preventing build-up from getting in between its mechanical parts.



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