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Back To School Kids Crafts: 30 Craft Ideas for the New School Year

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It's Back to School season, and you know what that means: It's time for kids' crafts! All the best ideas for craft projects that are perfect for this Back To School season. We have tons of fun crafts from simple things like coloring sheets or easy one-step tutorials to more complicated crafts with multiple steps. Our goal is to give parents ideas to keep their children entertained during the Back To School Season. Back to School time is tough, and kids need something fun to do!



Back To School Kids Crafts


As summer comes to an end, it is time for your children to head back into the school routine. They might be a little sad about being cooped up inside with their nose in a book all day long when they can't come home and play outside like usual. To help them adjust, why not make some crafts? I have compiled this list of five craft ideas that will keep kids entertained while letting them create something memorable from these first few weeks of class! Your child's giggle-filled afternoon will also result in really cute keepsakes you'll want on display year-round.


10 Preschool Back To School Kids Crafts


A preschooler's fun is not just limited to playing with toys. Preschoolers love crafts too! Get your kid ready for school by stocking up on some supplies and ideas from our list of the best back-to-school arts and crafts projects for kids in preschool. From coloring pages to simple crafts, we've got your child covered.


Imagine how much they would love to see their own handprints and footprints! Why not make a sweet handmade token, like an apple with a thumb worm or bus.

Apple Stained Glass Window Decorations via Kinder Craze

This simple craft takes only a few minutes to make and would be the perfect gift for any apple lover in your life.

Making stained glass window decorations is an ingenious way to create something beautiful with everyday items like clear contact paper, tissue paper, stickers or paint pens. This project results in one large sheet of translucent art that can also double as wrapping material!

Popsicle Stick Pencil via Crafty Morning

This craft is a fun way to use your child's favorite tools. Using glue, paint, and more they can create their own popsicle masterpiece with this activity.

Back to School Backpack Craft via Teacher Idea Factory

This delightfully fun backpack craft is easy to make and kids will love it.

All About Me HandPrint Book via From ABCs to ACTs

School is a scary time for kids, and there's something about that first day. It may be the new environment or the unfamiliar faces, but in order to make them feel more at ease during their initial school days, you should get them talking by asking questions before they know it! Questions like "What was your favorite part of summer vacation?" are great ice breakers and will help put any preschooler right into an open conversation with someone who genuinely cares about what he has done this past year.

Back to School Paper Countdown via Happy Home Fairy

Kids will be excited for back to school with this fun countdown coming soon! Let the kids work on this every day and count down until they can't wait any longer.

Pinecone Apple Craft via Non-Toy Gifts 

You’ve heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but these pinecone apples are guaranteed to keep your inner child happy! Half of making this craft is finding all those beautiful and fragrant pinecones. You can go on an adventure with kids by hunting for them in nearby parks or woods – just be sure not to take too many because they would get lost forever. Once you have collected enough cones, it's time to turn then into adorable little fruit-filled trees that will brighten up any table setting at home or school lunchroom for weeks after decorating them with paper leaves made out of old magazine pages (or even from newspaper).

Handprint Apple & Footprint Bus via I Heart Arts And Crafts

Your kiddo will go wild when you give them this yummy back-to-school craft. This is a two-in-one and so simple, even for the littlest of hands!

Apple Tree Craft via Fun Littles 

Why not get your little ones to make a beautiful masterpiece for you this summer? This is the perfect project, and they will have so much fun! You'll need some cardboard rolls (found at any hardware store), construction paper in different colors of paint, cotton balls that are white or light colored. And last but definitely not least-a foil pan from which their art will spring into life.

Popsicle Stick Glue Bottle Craft via Glued To My Crafts 

It's always fun to have a friend who is just your size, which makes it really easy for you two to take on the world together. A glue bottle popsicle buddy that looks like they are also having tons of fun will be an instant hit with all the kids in preschool! You'll need some colorful sticks and other basic supplies so these cuties can come alive even more and get down into their next sticky adventure.


10 Kindergarten Back To School Kids Crafts

Kindergarten is a big transition for children. It's the first time they have to learn how to share with other kids and work together in groups! Prepare your little one for their new year of learning by helping them make some Back-to-School crafts, like fun pencils or name tags that will serve as great mementos from their very first school experience.

School Bus Craft via Happy Home Fairy

Your children will have a blast with this cool little craft. All you need is construction paper, glue, scissors, toilet paper roll and black paint to make it!

DIY Back to School Photo Frame via I Heart Crafty Things

The first day of school memories will be preserved with this darling DIY back-to-school photo frame made from craft sticks. Fun and easy, it's a great way to let your kids express themselves creatively!

Welcome Name Tag Necklaces via Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

These necklaces are a great way to make sure that you're never without your name! After all, names mean so much. You can now wear them as an accessory and remember who is in the building with their bright colors

Bubble Wrap Painting Apples Craft via Typically Simple 

If you loved to pop bubble wrap as a kid, then this craft is for you. It's the perfect way to kick off your back-to-school season with an explosion of fun!

Back To School Popsicle Pencil Craft via Crafty Morning

Every great school day starts with a pencil. What kind of child doesn’t love the idea of an adorable craft made out of their favorite writing utensil?

First Day Of School Chalkboard Frame via Sugar Bee Crafts

When you're out of ideas on what to do with your kid, have them make their own chalkboard. All it takes is a few supplies and the creativity from both parent and child will shine!

Star Name via Teaching Ace

Teaching your kindergartener how to spell their name can be tedious at times, but this star name craft is a perfect way for them to practice while also having fun. All you need are cardstock and some stickers of stars; then give it a go!

Marble Painted Apples via What Can We Do With Paper And Glue

Kids love to get messy! But what if they could create something with their hands that turned into a masterpiece? This craft is perfect for your little ones who are just learning how to paint. They can make marbled apple art and give it as an adorable gift or keep it in the kitchen where you'll all see it every day.

Pencil Holder For Kids via Easy Crafts For Kids

These kid-friendly pencil holders will surely keep the kiddos entertained with their construction paper and markers. With a little imagination, your children may just think of you every time they use these creative crafts!

Egg Carton School Bus via K FUNdamentals

It's never too early to start recycling and teaching your kids about it. We have a fun craft idea that will teach them the importance of reusing items, and get you all excited for school! Save those egg cartons now so they can help make this cute school bus.

Not only is this egg carton craft loads of fun to put together with your children, but it is also a great time to introduce them or reinforce important values like caring for our planet by recycling...and wait until you see what we made out of empty eggs!

10 Elementary Back To School Kids Crafts

It's time to head back to Elementary school, which means it’s a perfect time for some new arts and crafts! We have the most creative DIY projects from around the web for you. From slime-making kits that are ready in minutes all while providing hours of fun with friends (and grossing out your parents!), or clay creations that can be molded into almost anything imaginable, there is something here sure to delight any child headed off on their next adventure.

Felt Apple Craft via Easy Peasy And Fun

Making this adorable apple worm craft is a great way to get your kids ready for school right on the cusp of fall. This project will help them work their fine motor skills and give you some quiet time while they cut out all those worms!

This back-to-school activity lets children develop important cutting techniques and provides parents with plenty of opportunities to relax during the process. The final product is an eye-catching, hand-crafted treat that's perfect for lunchboxes!

Rainbow Crayon Holder via Sugar Bee Crafts

If you are a teacher, parent, or just simply have kids in your life then this project is for you. This DIY crayon holder will make any child’s day as they watch their creativity grow with each addition to the masterpiece!

There's nothing better than seeing those little eyes light up when given an opportunity like this one. They'll love making it and so will mommy (or daddy)!

Duct Tape Pencil Pouches via Hip 2 Save

Using duct tape, you can make pencil pouches that are sure to please everyone. You could even let the kids pick their own colors from a rainbow of options and stash them in their backpacks for when they're on the go!

Fun Pencil Crafts via The Spruce Crafts

Children love to color and draw, but one thing that is often overlooked at home is pencils. Instead of storing them in a drawer where they can get lost or crumpled up, you should think about making your own cute DIY pencil holder for kids! All you need is some craft supplies like markers, pipe cleaners (or other shapes), scissors, and hole punches. The best part? You will also be able to make adorable little paper clips out of the leftover material too!

DIY Glitter Pencils from My Frugal Adventures

This time of year is all about glitter and sparkle, which brings us to our next craft. This project doesn't require a lot of materials or expensive items; it's easy enough for any age!

DIY Unicorn Bookmark via Mommy Musings

The unicorn craze is showing no signs of slowing down. With school starting back up soon, it's never too early to get your little one in the spirit with these sparkling bookmarks from Mommy Musings!

Easy Back To School Bus Kids Craft via The Suburban Mom

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make this adorable bus craft with your kids. All you need are some construction paper, glue, and a little creativity!

Personalized Back To School Notebooks via Design Improvised

Children love to have a place for their thoughts and creativity, so this craft is the perfect way to make an awesome notebook that will inspire them. This project can be customized by adding any color or design ideas you want!

Mason Jar Crafts For School Supplies via Color Made Happy

Ready for school? We’ve got the perfect DIY project to make your kids' space even more adorable!

When it comes time to head back out into the world, you'll need a place for all of those pens and pencils. A fun way to keep them organized is by making cute storage containers like this one from Color Made Happy.

Homemade Pencil Toppers via Quirky Inspired

Remember the excitement of having a pencil topper on your school supplies? Now you can bring that same joy home with this easy and fun back-to-school craft for kids. They will love making these over and over, which means they'll have plenty of extras in their toolbox when it's time to head into class!

I hope these craft ideas have inspired you to try something new and creative this back-to-school season. There are so many other great choices for all age ranges! Let me know what your favorites are in the comments because we want to know which crafts will inspire others. You can also get more inspiration by following our blog for a weekly dose of creativity that is perfect for any skill set! Whether you're an expert or just getting started with arts and crafts, remember that it's never too late to start learning how to make things from scratch again. It may take some time at first, but eventually, it will feel more natural.

Happy crafting!


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