Dollar Store Home Organization Ideas: 150+ Ways to Get Organized 1
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Dollar Store Home Organization Ideas: 150+ Ways to Get Organized

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Have you ever felt like your home was becoming a cluttered mess? Well, let's get on the same page. Maintaining an organized home can be difficult when you have so much to do! This article is going to take care of that for us by offering solutions from dollar store home organization and storage ideas all in one place: no more looking around for where something might go - it will just find its way into their appropriate space without any extra effort needed. You'll learn about how best to organize every area of your house with these tips; don't worry if cleaning up has never been part of your repertoires, there are dollar store organization and storage ideas here that will work for you.


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I’ve been there - my house looked like it had exploded and I was living with all of these piles. Literally, everything that wasn't in its place just sat out somewhere waiting until I found time or energy to put them away. If you're anything like me then over this past year your home has gotten messy as well (or maybe even worse). We can clean up our homes together by following some simple steps towards getting organized once again and feel more at peace after we've finished decluttering. This is an investment in yourself because when you get done organizing your space, things will be cleaner and happier.

So, where should you start? Let's take a look at the key areas of your home that need to be organized and what dollar store organization ideas will work best for each one. Without further ado:


Dollar Store Home Organization Ideas: 150+ Ways to Get Organized 2


10 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for the Laundry Room

The laundry room is a place of chaos and disorder. Never fear, with these tips from our experts you'll be able to make the chore more enjoyable! DIY clothing racks are an easy way to contain all those clothes as they're waiting for their turn on the dryer or washing machine while detergent storage systems will help keep your supplies in order so that when it's time again for them its already there ready without having to go looking.



  1. Detergent Organization from My Sweet Savannah Blog
  2. Laundry Room Organization from Waffling
  3. Pool Noodle Drying Rack from BHG
  4. Laundry Bin Organization from A Bowl Full of Lemons
  5. Hanging Laundry Bags from Remodelaholic
  6. Organized Storage from DIY Energy
  7. Harry Potter Dobby Lost Socks Jar from Housewife Eclectic
  8. DIY Metallic Rope Throw Basket from Lydi Out Loud
  9. Laundry Supply Organization from Organize Your Stuff Now
  10. Never Lose Another Sock from Food Fun Family

25 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for the Bathroom


We all have a different morning routine, and bathrooms are often the only shared space that everyone has access to. This can lead to some unfortunate messes before we know it! Get your family’s bathroom in check by categorizing hair accessories, first aid supplies, hair tools for styling or cutting off excess length if you don't want any more than ponytails (or something like this), makeup including skincare products too because who wants dry skin? Household cleaners need their own category as well so they aren't mixed up with anything else. Here's how you can store them on the cheap:

  1. DIY Tiered Tray from Liz Marie Blog
  2. Mason Jar Organizer from The DIY Playbook
  3. Magazine/File Holder Storage from The Pinning Mama
  4. Add a Second Shower Rod for Storage from Life Hacker
  5. Basket Storage from The Crazy Craft Lady
  6. Magnetic Strip Beauty Tool Organizer from Real Simple
  7. Drawers System from His Sugar Plum
  8. Suction Cup Bottle Holders from Dollar Store Crafts
  9. Shoe Organizer Bathroom Storage from A Thoughtful Place 
  10. Dollar Store Hair Storagefrom My So Called Home
  11. Bathroom Drawer Organization from Blesser House
  12. Hair Accessory Organization from The Idea Room
  13. Beauty & Makeup Storage Organization from Cosmo
  14. Hair Appliance Storage from Dream Green DIY
  15. First Aid Supply Organization from Old Salt Farm
  16. Makeup Organization from The Crazy Craft Lady
  17. Dollar Tree Wood Bathroom Organizer from Saved by Love Creations
  18. Bathroom Sink Organization from The Crazy Craft Lady
  19. Mason Jar Tissue Holder from Landee See Landee Do
  20. Under The Sink Organization from The Pinning Mama
  21. Fingernail Polish Display Stand from Angela East
  22. Reused Glass Jar Organizer for Bathroom from Refresh Living
  23. Under the Sink Makeover from 320 Sycamore
  24. Upscale Apothecary Jars With Lids from Say Not Sweet Anne
  25. Wall Baskets for Bath Storage from I’m Busy Procrastinating Design

36 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

Ever wondered where to store all those cleaning supplies? The kitchen is one of the most complicated places to organize because it's a hub for cooking and baking. You'll find everything from coffee and tea, making your grocery list on scratch paper make sense in this space too. Here are some organizational tips that will help you get organized efficiently!


  1. Coffee Canisters from Kelli’s Kitchen
  2. Cookbook & Magazine Storage from Mad in Crafts
  3. Lazy Susan Organization from Alejandra TV
  4. Cookie Cutters Organized from The Rosemary House
  5. DIY Trash Bags on a Roll from Simply Organized
  6. Cutlery Drawer Organization from The Elm Life
  7. Dollar Store Pantry Organization from Alejandra TV
  8. Easy DIY Spice Rack from The Stony Brook House
  9. Efficient Cupcake Liner Storage from Table for Two
  10. Pots and Pans Organization from Good Housekeeping
  11. Pantry Dry Goods Organization from Alejandra TV
  12. Kitchen Coffee Station from Unlikely Martha
  13. Binder Clips for Organization from Melinda Massie
  14. Chest Freezer Organization System from Practically Functional
  15. Fridge Organization from Goodbye House, Hello Home
  16. Kitchen Organization Plastic Wrap Holder from Classy Clutter
  17. Kitchen Pantry Makeover from How To Nest For Less
  18. Cutting Board Storage from That's What She Said
  19. Canned Food Organization from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
  20. Magazine Holder Hack from Organizing Made Fun
  21. Foil Organizer from Ask Anna Mosley
  22. DIY Mason Jar Utensil Organizer from Popsugar
  23. Dry Food Canisters from The Social Home
  24. Dollar Store Spice Cupboard from The Social Home
  25. Dollar Tree Pantry from At Home With Nikki
  26. Pantry Organizer from Martha Stewart
  27. Magnetic Dollar Store Spice Rack from A Cultivated Nest
  28. Pot & Pan Organizer from Good Housekeeping
  29. DIY Dollar Store Lazy Susan from The Country Chic Cottage
  30. Pot, Pan, and Bakeware Organizer from Restoration Beauty
  31. Snack Organization from Money Saving Queen
  32. Dollar Store Pantry Organization from Ashley Creates Things
  33. Under The Sink Organization from A Bowl Full of Lemons
  34. Under The Kitchen Sink Organization from Amy New Nostalgia
  35. Under The Kitchen Sink Organization from Neat House Sweet Home
  36. Dollar Store Pantry Makeover from The Social Home


32 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for the Closet

Your closet can be a place of refuge; it should provide you with peace and order. Organizing your clothes, shoes, jewelry, and handbags is key to achieving that goal. Find out how the experts do it!

How would living in an organized environment affect your mental well-being? It's difficult for most people to stay focused on their tasks when they are faced with clutter every day--why not make things easier by creating zones where certain items belong?

  1. Tank Top Organizer from Storage Geek
  2. DIY Clutch Organizer from Fabulous Fashions for Sensible Style
  3. Linen Closet Organization from Real Coake
  4. Jewelry Organizer from Adorable Antics
  5. High-Heel Shoe Organizer from Genia Be Me
  6. Shoe Organization from Life Design Craft
  7. Dollar Store Earring Organization from Yesterday on Tuesday
  8. Dollar Store Hanging Baskets Storage from DIY Energy
  9. Closet Makeover from View Along The Way
  10. Master Closet Makeover from Polished Habitat
  11. Organized Closet from Yellow Bliss Road
  12. Jewelry Hanger from Homey Oh My
  13. Closet Hanger Hack from In My Own Style
  14. Jewelry Storage from Confessions of a Serial DIYer
  15. Linen Closet Redo from A Bird and A Bean
  16. Earring Organization from Life By Design Craft
  17. Organized Jewelry from House on the Way
  18. Closet Makeover from Homemade Ginger
  19. Jewelry Organizer from View Along the Way
  20. Tie Holder from
  21. Ponytail Tie Organizer from Hi, It’s Jilly
  22. Accessory Organizer from The Idea Room
  23. Jewelry Holder from The DIY Mommy
  24. Scarf Organizer from From the Desk
  25. Dollar Store Jewelry Organizer from Yesterday on Tuesday
  26. Tidy Tights Organizer from Lana Red Studio
  27. DIY Belt Organizer from Live Simply by Annie
  28. DIY Wrapping Paper Holder from Practically Martha
  29. Earring Holder from Home 4 Sweet Home
  30. Shoe Organizer Gift Wrap Storage from The Country Chic Cottage
  31. Gift Wrap Organizer from Simplicity in the South
  32. DIY Jewelry Organizer from Landeelu


26 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for Office/School Supplies

It's frustrating when you spend time looking for your favorite pen, or completely forget to bring the paper that goes with what you're working on because it was mixed in with other papers. These days we have so many distractions and our work is often interrupted by them. Luckily there are some easy ways to make homework and office tasks easier!

Organize your supplies ahead of time: keep pencils, pens, highlighters, etc all together where they usually go (in a desk drawer) so their location will always be predictable; this saves both stress from wondering if something has been lost as well as frustration when trying different drawers only to find out nothing had actually moved at all - just like an organized person would've done before leaving home!


  1. Clutter Cutter Drawer Organizer from Real Simple
  2. Craft Supplies Organizer from Craftionary
  3. Gift Wrap Over Door Storage from The Country Chic Cottage
  4. Cereal Box Storage Bins from Apartment Therapy
  5. DIY Crafty Organization from Lu Bird Baby
  6. Ribbon Storage from Houzz
  7. Craft Paint Organization from The Country Chic Cottage 
  8. Desk Organizers from Dwelling Happiness
  9. DIY Ribbon Storage from Creative Tryals
  10. Clothespin Twine Organizer from Sewlicious Home Decor
  11. Ribbon Storage from Makes and Takes
  12. DIY Vintage Locker Bins from AE Homestyle Life
  13. Industrial Farmhouse Storage from Little House of Flour
  14. Homework Caddy from Simple Made Pretty
  15. Storage Container from Little House of Flour
  16. Organizing Cord and Cables from Blue Style Blog
  17. Vintage Locker Bins from Chic California
  18. Napkin Holder Storage from Amy Latta Creations
  19. Vintage Storage Bins from Domestically Speaking
  20. Ice Cube Tray Organizer from Real Simple
  21. Metal Organizer Bins from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry
  22. Drawer Organization from Apartment Therapy
  23. Burlap Dollar Tree Bins from Simple Made Pretty
  24. Dollar Store Command Center from My Life and Kids
  25. Stylish Organization from Love Create Celebrate
  26. Chic Decor from Tree Bucket from Just a Vintage Home


11 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for Crafting Supplies

It's not uncommon to find a disorganized craft space with an overflowing, messy work surface. The more time you spend on projects the more tools and supplies accumulate! It is easy for small items like tiny beads or paperclips to get lost in this mess because they are so much harder to see when every inch of your desk has something piled up on it. A great way to start being better organized today is by getting some appropriate-sized containers that can be labeled appropriately!

  1. PVC and Wire Organization from Mad in Crafts
  2. DIY Hanging Fabric Baskets from Always a Project
  3. Desk Organizer from Apartment Therapy
  4. Cardstock Organization and Storage from I Dream Create Inspire
  5. Tool Organization from
  6. Rolling Along Paper Storage from Beyond the Picket
  7. Craft Closet Door Organizer from Simplicity in the South
  8. Diaper Box Repurposed to Storage Bins from Positively Splendid
  9. Ribbon Basket Organizer from Minimoz
  10. Stylish Storage from HGTV
  11. Organizer for Small Supplies from Sharon Cheng


9 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for the Car

No one wants to be seen driving a filthy, cluttered car. Luckily it can be easy to keep your ride in check with the right storage and organizational habits! Shoe organizers are perfect for organizing loose items such as maps or snacks around you while dollar store baskets help make better use of those hard-to-reach spaces like under seats or between backseats.


  1. DIY Kids’ Travel Organizer from Everyday Dishes
  2. Fast Food Caddy from Lookie What I Did
  3. Car Fluids Hack from HGTV
  4. Lunch Organizer from HGTV
  5. Trunk Organization from Repurpose and Upcycle
  6. Glove Box Organization from Confetti and other Fun 
  7. Travel Jewelry Storage from How to Have it All
  8. Pop Up Trunk Shelf from Instructables
  9. Car Grocery Bag Holder from HGTV

8 Dollar Store Home Organization and Storage Ideas for the Garage


One of the most practical features in a home is without question the garage. Because it's not limited to living space, garages are perfect for storing all sorts of things like wood-working supplies and kids' toys! But even if you don't have anything else going on there, power tools can be great too because they're so accessible. With these helpful tips, get your storage game up by flooring to the ceiling with convenient containers that will make finding what you need quick as easy!

  1. Organized Garage Bins from His Sugar Plum
  2. Dollar Store Storage for Fasteners from BHG
  3. Garage Baskets from Old Salt Farm
  4. DIY Power Tool Organizer from Remodelaholic
  5. Organizing Using Garage Studs from Designed to Dwell
  6. Organized Spray Paint from His Sugar Plum
  7. Kids’ Toy Organization from I Heart Organizing
  8. Organized Paint Brush Storage from His Sugar Plum 


With a few simple tweaks, you can turn your home into an organized and simplified space that is easy to maintain. We’ve rounded up 150+ ways to get started with organizing the areas of your home most in need of attention. From kitchen organization ideas to bedroom storage solutions, we have all the inspiration you need! Which are your favorite tips? Share them with us below!


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