Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

These Christmas hacks are THE BEST! I am so happy I found these GREAT ideas and tips! Now I have great ways to make my home smell great on a budget. So pinning!

It’s officially time to ditch the PSLs and bring on the eggnog.  In other words, Christmas is right around the corner. Whether you are ready to bring on the holidays or you need a kick in the pants, it’s time to make your house smell like Christmas.  It can be a long and laborious process getting the halls decked. However, it can be a very simple start. The best way to invoke the Christmas spirit is with the distinct smells of the Christmas season.  There are many convenient ways to make your house smell like Christmas. You will get yourself into the holiday mood and it won’t take too much time.


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Easy Perfect Bite Appetizers That Everyone Will Love

Those of us on the keto diet are often looking for easy snacks or appetizers that will not only satisfy a snack attack but will be pleasing to guests. Guests we may not necessarily want to let know we are on keto.  These are quick and easy appetizer snacks that fit that bill.

What’s special about the keto diet, besides the fact that it works, the foods are appealing and no one needs to know you are keto.

So nibble away at snack time or party time, and share away without guilt.

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Hollywood Studios Keto Friendly Restaurants in Disney World

These tips to stay Keto at Disney's Hollywood Studios are THE BEST! I am so happy I found these GREAT Disney's Hollywood Studios keto tips! Now I have great ways to stay Keto. So pinning!Ah, the “Hollywood that Never Was…and always will be.” such are the words inscribed on the dedication to this ever-changing theme park.  

Disney’s Hollywood Studios began as a fictionalized idealization of Hollywood infused with backlot sets, soundstages and a functioning studio complete with tram tour.

The vision has not crystallized after nearly thirty years and what exists now is a strange and exciting place, that is different from any other Disney Theme park.

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Keto During The Holidays: The Two Biggest Challenges

These ideas for staying Keto through the Holidays are THE BEST! I am so happy I found these GREAT home decor ideas and tips! Now I have great ways to stay Keto. So pinning!If you are new to Keto or have just started with the Keto diet within the last 9 or 10 months, you might be looking forward to the upcoming holiday season and wondering what on earth you are going to do!  

Don’t panic yet.

You don’t have to resolve to cheat your way through family occasions and ruin all of your hard work.

Staying Keto during the holidays can be a positive experience.

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Animal Kingdom Keto Friendly Restaurants in Disney World

If you are doing Keto and going to Animal Kingdom, you need this! These tips for staying keto at Animal Kingdom are THE BEST! I am so happy I found these GREAT home decor ideas and tips! Now I have great ways to stay Keto. So pinning!Animal Kingdom has a pretty stellar reputation when it comes to dining and special diets.  They have allergy menus and can assist you in your dietary needs just like anywhere else, but in Animal Kingdom the food is generally more free of common allergens, to begin with.


The problem is that the Keto diet does not directly relate to allergies, the way a gluten-free diet does. Because of this, it can be more difficult to source out really good Keto friendly options.  However, they are there. You can particularly eat well if you do not commit to a dining reservation and instead pick your way around the park at Animal Kingdom Keto friendly locations.

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Keto Walmart Shopping Guide: How to Buy Keto Groceries

Keto Walmart Shopping

Make your next keto Walmart run as simple and straightforward as possible with this helpful guide. Shopping keto foods at Walmart is great on your budget.  

The best way to control what you eat is to buy that food and prep it for yourself. It’s a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant or having meals delivered anyway.  

However, you can really slash your grocery bill by shopping at Walmart and knowing what to buy. When you have your meals all worked out, you maximize convenience and stretch your dollars at the same time.  

So, let’s get started.

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Keto Fast Food Dining: Guide to Your Best Choices


Sometimes you need to eat and you have nothing prepped. Fast food is often the last resort for others, but keto fast food can be a resource for you, too!  It is always the best and most cost effective to do your own meal planning and prep. Fast food should not be relied on too heavily, even if you do know the keto options.  So, keep that in mind. Meal planning and prep can easily be worked into your weekly routine with a little bit of effort.

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A Keto Dieters Guide to Starbucks Food and Drink

You don’t have to worry about dropping Starbucks from your routine just because you have gone, Keto.  

You can still get your coffee fix here in a variety of ways.

You just have to be careful.

Follow this guide for the ins and outs of how Keto affects your favorite Starbucks foods and beverages, so you can stay Keto at Starbucks.


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