Clean Keto Breakfasts That’ll Get You Even Healthier

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Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 1As I help others on keto by sharing the best recipes found and tested, I have been getting a lot of requests from those who want to go one step further and make it clean keto. While keto is healthy, clean keto is even healthier.

The majority of keto followers are ‘dirty keto’. This means they are mainly low carb and not as focused on healthy fats as well. You’re also eating bacon, cheese and maybe having wine. Not that dirty keto is a bad thing. It got you healthier and losing unwanted weight. Am I right?

So now you want to go the next step and further your healthy journey.

Taking on clean keto means you’ll select better, healthier foods such as vegetables and grass-fed, pasture raised meats and eggs. You’ll avoid processed foods such as hot dogs.

Clean Keto Breakfasts

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 2

Dairy Free Frittata with Heirloom Tomatoes – Bravo for Paleo

I may be one of the rare few that can eat any form of eggs with meat and veggies for every meal. This frittata combines ham or turkey with bell pepper, spinach, and heirloom tomatoes which make it a delicious hit. Great for any day but special enough for company.  What also makes this great is that it can be made ahead of time for a quick heat and eat.

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 3

Mushroom Spinach and Bacon Egg Muffins – Real Simple Good 

While I may love eggs for every meal, I really hate getting up and cooking first thing in the a.m. With that being said, make-ahead breakfasts save me of mornings. With these, I make them ahead and they take minimal reheat. My kids love them too! If you’re like me, you’d rather them eat these than a sugary breakfast. They can be great for lunch or a snack as well.

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 4

Creamy Keto Cinnamon Smoothie – Keto Diet App 

I love this smoothie. Rich and creamy, they are an excellent option when you are over eggs. This is another one the kids like as well. We’ve also had them for lunch.

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 5

Keto Mexican Breakfast Hash – Keto Diet App

This delicious hash takes less than 20 minutes to prepare. For those that love veggies as much as I do, this will be on regular rotation in your home for breakfast (it’s also yummy for lunch or dinner!)

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 6

Avocado and Salmon Low Carb Breakfast – The Nourished Caveman

This is a favorite of mine. Not only is it super fast, but it’s also refreshing. It gives me that morning pick me up of a healthy, light meal. It doesn’t leave you with that heavy feeling that unhealthy breakfasts leave behind.

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 7

Keto Bacon and Onion Egg Cups – I Breathe I’m Hungry 

Not only is this clean, but it’s so full of flavor. Of course, you get tons of flavor from the bacon, but you get the next level of flavor from the caramelized onion. These are also a great meal prep option for make-ahead breakfasts.

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 8

Bacon and Egg Cups – Seasonal Cravings

Easy to make and great for make-ahead breakfasts, these little gems are great on the go.

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 9

Italian Spaghetti Squash Breakfast Casserole – Peace Love and Low Carb

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 10

If you’ve never had spaghetti squash for breakfast, you’re missing out! Can you believe this delight was born out of discovering slim pickings for breakfast?

Keto Sausage Frittata – I Breathe I’m Hungry 

This frittata gets its big bold flavor from the Italian sausage paired with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and chopped fresh basil. This also freezes well.

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 11

Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs – What Great Grandma Ate

Clean Keto Breakfasts That'll Get You Even Healthier 12

Now if you are new to keto, I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself ‘Deviled eggs for breakfast’? But when you’ve been with it awhile you won’t bat an eye 🙂 Not your standard deviled egg, these babies are packed with flavor from the bacon, mustard, chives, and dill. These are amazing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks , appetizers and are a hit at parties.

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