Stocking Stuffers Under $5 You Need To Run & Grab Right Now

Hey there, friends!

With Christmas knocking at your door and you all have shared you are still in need of stocking stuffers, I am here to help with my favorite stocking stuffers from WalMart. All under $5!  These are all the faves that I purchased for y’all to choose from.

I’m actually done with my Christmas shopping and I think I’ll avoid all the stores now lol! There are SO many that are under $5 right now so, don’t wait! Some of these can also be grabbed at Amazon, Target or WalMart with fast shipping. Y’all need that now as you are out of time my friends.

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Tricks for Making Your Towels Last Longer

Right now, as Christmas approaches quickly, we look at our home to see what needs a refresh for hosting our guests.  Many people focus on carpet, furniture, etc. Often overlooked are the worn and dilapidated towels we’ve used for goodness knows how long!

Did you know, you should replace your towels every two years?! Most of us keep them for years! Even with the best care, towels will wear down and become less absorbent.

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Best Christmas Movies on Netflix This Christmas

If you know me, you know that I am known for being Mrs. Christmas and watching allll the Christmas movies when Christmas nears. However, this will be my first blog post on my favorite Christmas movies on Netflix. Definitely the most fun post! Of course, to do so, I must watch allll the Christmas movies, right? I love to pretend I am snowed in, can’t get out, snuggle in and have Christmas treats while I settle in to watch all things Christmas (except Christmas horror movies). As always there are some amazing movies on Netflix!

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5 Gifts For Your Best Friend That She’ll Love

Struggling with what to get your bestie? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your friendship is one that should be celebrated and whether for a birthday, Christmas or just a Thank you, I have ideas to help.  These gifts for your best friend are sure to thrill even the most discriminating tastes as well as make her smile and think of you everytime she sees them.  Another thing to consider for inspiration is the gift trends on Pinterest.

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Most Popular Gifts This Year According To Pinterest

One thing is clear if you look to Pinterest the most popular gifts of the year.  People are pretty keen on being warm and welcoming with each other.  Three of the top five kinds of gifts all relate to how we treat those who are near to us.  As you shop for the perfect Christmas gifts this year consider items that fall under these popular categories found on Pinterest.  For each of these categories of popular Christmas gifts, I’ll include some links and examples from Pinterest.  For additional inspiration, have a look at my 2018 Holiday gift guide.

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December Is The Best Time To Buy These 5 Things

December is just crazy when it comes to shopping.  Parking lots are packed.  Your porch is littered with deliveries.  You have relatives and friends on lists you check way more often than Santa does, just to make sure you aren’t forgetting anybody.  It’s a big time for shopping and you have a lot to do.  There are also a number of December sales you could take advantage of.  To help, I have a gift guide that will hopefully provide some inspiration.  However, this list of things to buy in December should do you some good as well.  Bear this in mind as you cross off your shopping list and consider saving some money on yourself as well.

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