Unwrap the Magic: The Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit for Stress-Free Holiday Fun 1
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Unwrap the Magic: The Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit for Stress-Free Holiday Fun

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Discover the magic of the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit, the ultimate solution for parents to create fun and stress-free elf pranks during the holiday season. Perfect for kids, this kit includes all you need for seven nights of elfish antics, available at IT’SUGAR stores and online.

Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit


Ah, the holiday season! It's a time of joy, laughter, and creating unforgettable memories with our little ones. And what's more memorable than the playful antics of Santa's little helper, the Elf? As a parent, I know the struggle of keeping this tradition alive and bursting with fun each year. That's where the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit comes into play, promising to make elf pranks fun for kids and, thankfully, less stressful for us parents.

What is the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit?

Imagine having a secret weapon during the holidays that guarantees a smile on your child's face every morning. That's the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit for you! This box of wonders is filled to the brim with candies and props needed for seven different nights of elfish mischief. And the best part? No elves are included, so you can use the one that's already part of your family tradition!

Benefits of the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit

The holiday season is hectic enough without having to plan a mini-event every night. This kit is a lifesaver, offering ready-to-go pranks that are as delightful as they are easy to set up. It's about making those December nights a little less about the hustle and a lot more about the happiness.

Exploring the Activities

Elf Care

Dive into the adorable "Elf Care" scenario, where your elf takes a marshmallow bubble bath, sparking laughter and wonder in your home.

Gone Fishing

Next, we have "Gone Fishing," a sweet adventure that's both creative and charming, featuring gummy goldfish as the catch of the day.

I Made Us Breakfast

And who could resist "I Made Us Breakfast"? This gummy fried egg prank is sure to start your day with a smile.

The Convenience of the Kit

Time is precious, especially during the holidays. This kit is like hitting the easy button for Elf antics. No more late-night Pinterest searches or last-minute candy runs. Everything you need is right in the box, complete with instructions and elf notes to leave behind.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at a merry $16.99, the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit is a steal. It's available at IT’SUGAR stores nationwide starting in October and online in November. A small price to pay for big holiday memories, don't you think?

About Clever Candy

Clever Candy, by Nassau Candy, is not just about sweets; it's about sparking imagination. With a variety of playful confections, they're in the business of making sweet teeth smile across the globe.

About Nassau Candy

Nassau Candy isn't your average confectionery company. They're a powerhouse of sweet delights, distributing thousands of treats while also dabbling in private label confectionery and customized products. With a reach as far as the largest retailers in North America to the independent stores, they're a candy force to be reckoned with.

Unique Selling Points

The Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit stands out because it's not just candy; it's an experience. It's about creating moments that parents and kids will talk about for years to come.

Customer Testimonials

I've seen the joy firsthand. Parents rave about the ease and kids, well, their laughter is the best review you can get. It's a holiday hit that keeps on giving.

Creative Ways to Use the Kit

While the kit comes with its own set of instructions, there's room for creativity. Parents can add their own twist to each prank, making the experience unique to their family.

Safety and Quality Assurance

With Nassau Candy's commitment to quality, you can trust that the candies in the kit are not only delicious but safe for your little ones.

Comparing to DIY Elf Antics

Sure, DIY is fun, but when time is of the essence, this kit is a game-changer. It offers the fun of DIY without the time investment.

The Impact on Holiday Traditions

The Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit isn't just about the pranks; it's about enhancing the holiday tradition of the Elf. It's about stress-free nights and more time spent with family.

In conclusion, the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit is a holiday must-have for any parent looking to add a dash of ease and a sprinkle of fun to their holiday Elf tradition. It's affordable, convenient, and most importantly, it's a box full of joy for both kids and parents. So, why not make this holiday season the most magical one yet?


  1. Is the Elf included in the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit? No, the Elf is not included, which is perfect for incorporating the kit into your existing Elf tradition.
  2. Can the activities be customized? Absolutely! While the kit comes with ready-to-go pranks, there's plenty of room for personalization.
  3. Is the kit available internationally? Currently, it's available in IT’SUGAR stores nationwide and online, with international shipping options.
  4. Are the candies safe for children with allergies? Always check the packaging for allergen information to ensure it's safe for your child.
  5. How can I make the most out of the Clever Candy Elf Activity Kit? Engage with your children, let them guess what the Elf might do next, and watch the magic of the holiday season unfold.





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