Vinegar Uses You Never Knew About

Hi friends!

As many of y’all know, I love home hacks and, as Y’all have likely seen from my posts, I’m on a roll with them!  I thought it would be fun to compile a list of household vinegar uses that I either love or have heard are great.

I have a few remedies of my own I already use, but this is actually where I was searching for a hack for a carpet stain. I have wanted to find a hack to remove a spot of soda from the carpet. Ordinarily, no beverages are allowed in carpeted areas in my room. Unfortunately, I had come down with a bad, bad case of the flu. In all honesty, this was the worst case of the flu I’d ever had. So with a sore throat and needing moisture on my throat to prevent a hacking cough, I usually had a bottle of water. No issue since the lid would be on. Well, I ran out of the case of water and grabbed a diet coke. Of course, the boy came in and kicked it over. Ugh! Well, I was searching for the carpet remedy and came across one with vinegar that said it said it was magical! I was really looking forward to removing this spot. It worked!

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Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks You May Not Be Aware Of

Hey there, friends!

Are you always looking at home hacks? Me too! But, I’m here to help you today! I am excited to share hydrogen peroxide hacks that are a good idea! I recently used hydrogen peroxide as the perfect whitener for my white jeans. And LOVED it! Um, JACKPOT! Trying new hacks can be intimidating, so I thought I’d share some tips for hydrogen peroxide that are tried and true!

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Cleaning Mistakes That Are Spreading Germs and Making Your Home Dirtier

Hi friends!

One of my favorite parts of this time of year is getting my home clean and ready for the holidays!  We are often in a whirlwind of activity with daily bustle and work and right now we are adding a host of holiday liveliness to that already full plate. So we are fitting cleaning in quickly but more often so that we are ready for guests, both expected and unexpected. We all want nothing more than to stay on top of it so that we are able to hang out with family and snuggle up while watching holiday movies.

We all want a clean home and make every effort to clean and keep it clean, often thinking we are preventing germs. However, there are some common cleaning habits that are actually spreading germs and making your home dirtier. I’ve compiled this list to help you be sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes.

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Stocking Stuffers Under $5 You Need To Run & Grab Right Now

Hey there, friends!

With Christmas knocking at your door and you all have shared you are still in need of stocking stuffers, I am here to help with my favorite stocking stuffers from WalMart. All under $5!  These are all the faves that I purchased for y’all to choose from.

I’m actually done with my Christmas shopping and I think I’ll avoid all the stores now lol! There are SO many that are under $5 right now so, don’t wait! Some of these can also be grabbed at Amazon, Target or WalMart with fast shipping. Y’all need that now as you are out of time my friends.

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How I Decorated My Home For Christmas For Less


Merry Christmas, friends!

Today, I am sharing the Christmas decor I used for my home. I really hope this post provides you with some much-needed inspiration for your Christmas decor! Let’s get started!

Ever since I was little, I have loved decorating for Christmas. In the past, I had decorated my home in such a way that people always said it looked warm and cozy like a bed and breakfast. Whether doing it alone or as a family, I love decorating while cranking Christmas music, deciding what color to use this year and what ornaments will look best. It was always decorating that marked the start of the season. 

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Tricks for Making Your Towels Last Longer

Right now, as Christmas approaches quickly, we look at our home to see what needs a refresh for hosting our guests.  Many people focus on carpet, furniture, etc. Often overlooked are the worn and dilapidated towels we’ve used for goodness knows how long!

Did you know, you should replace your towels every two years?! Most of us keep them for years! Even with the best care, towels will wear down and become less absorbent.

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Best Christmas Movies on Netflix This Christmas

If you know me, you know that I am known for being Mrs. Christmas and watching allll the Christmas movies when Christmas nears. However, this will be my first blog post on my favorite Christmas movies on Netflix. Definitely the most fun post! Of course, to do so, I must watch allll the Christmas movies, right? I love to pretend I am snowed in, can’t get out, snuggle in and have Christmas treats while I settle in to watch all things Christmas (except Christmas horror movies). As always there are some amazing movies on Netflix!

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5 Painless Ways To Be Frugal

When it’s time to tighten down and cut expenses, there are several steps to creating and managing an effective budget.  It’s not hard to do, but it’s no fun either.  While it’s essential to financial success to go over old statements and pinpoint problem areas to fix, there are other ways to be frugal.  You will surely benefit from calling up utility companies or negotiating percentage rates with your creditors, but these painless budget tips, are a good start to saving some money.  Best of all, they take minimal effort and don’t make too much of a dent in your personal lifestyle.

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The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive

The Best Candles to Give You All The Festive Feels

It may already be December, and Christmas is nearing, However, I always feel that we can up the festive feel in our homes.  So, I have the best candles for the occasion to help make things merry and bright.

When you get home, you want a way to lighten your emotional load, relieve stress and, most of all, feel all those cozy and festive feels. When I am home, I love to wear something cozy yet festive, watch my favorite Christmas movies (there are so many!).  However, it’s when I turn my lights off and light my tree and all of my candles that the holiday spirit really kicks in. So, here is a list of my favorite choices for best candles of the season. These candles create a warm and festive glow to my holidays, so your mood immediately improves.

Candles are actually something I incorporate year round. I pick the best candles by my favorite scents, then buy the outer decorative holder for a lot of them. Especially since my favorite year-round scent tends to be one thought of as Christmassy (Is that a word?). For me, my candles are a standard not only for every day but for my holidays. I’m sharing all of my all of my favorites to get you (and your home) in the Christmas spirit!

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5 Gifts For Your Best Friend That She’ll Love

Struggling with what to get your bestie? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your friendship is one that should be celebrated and whether for a birthday, Christmas or just a Thank you, I have ideas to help.  These gifts for your best friend are sure to thrill even the most discriminating tastes as well as make her smile and think of you everytime she sees them.  Another thing to consider for inspiration is the gift trends on Pinterest.

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