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Mail-Order Food from Amazon’s Top Rated Sellers

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Looking for fabulous gift ideas. I found some great can't miss mail-order food items. These amazon sellers provide high-quality goods from classic gift boxes to some awesome finds you may never have thought of. Here are my favorite mail-order food packages to send as gifts (even to yourself).


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Giant Turkey Legs (12 Pack)

I wish I knew about this before summer! Theme park size turkey legs come right to your door! If you are a fan of theme parks and fairs but haven't been able to get your fix because 2020 is the worst, this could make your day a little better. Send this 12-pack of smoked turkey legs to somebody special, maybe family members who missed their Disney vacation this year. What a treat!



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Chicago Style Deep Dish

One more unusual but excellent mail-order food item you'll find on Amazon is frozen deep-dish pizza from Gino's East of Chicago. Gino's maintains a high standard for ingredients starting with dough handmade from scratch every day. Gino's uses vine-ripened tomatoes, specially crafted cheese, and Chicago-made sausage to bring the highest quality pizza to bake at home.


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Irish Breakfast Platter

This mail-order breakfast brings the Irish farmhouse to you. The box includes sausage, bacon, pudding, Irish butter, and more. There's enough to feed up to ten people or keep breakfast going throughout the week. This makes a great gift for somebody who loves to travel to B&Bs or enjoys the smell of a country breakfast filling up the house.


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Halloween Care Package

What are you doing for Halloween this year? More importantly, what are the kids doing? Trick-or-treating may be a bit of a downer this year. Let's face it, this notorious kids holiday has been on the decline for decades. Make their day (or night) with this delightful candy-and-snack-filled jack-o-lantern basket.


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Pasture-Raised Steak

Did you know that Whole Foods Market delivers premium cuts of beef through You can get any kind of Animal Welfare Certified meat. Whole Foods uses a traceable audit system that ensures transparency of its farm-to-store guarantee. You can also be assured that the meat sold here is hormone and antibiotic-free.


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Gourmet Fruit and Nuts

There are a lot of great fruit and nut gift boxes available at, but this Nut Cravings Fruit and Nut Tower one is my favorites because the presentation and the quality are so great. It's an ideal gift for any occasion and it's especially great for the upcoming holiday season.


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Gourmet Sausage Gift Box

This amazing gift box is perfect for the sausage fan in your life. look around you. If you don't see a sausage lover, it's you! This box of Sausage includes specialty mustard and is complemented with an assortment of other goodies including cheese from Wisconsin, olives from Santa Barbara, and Chocolate Truffles from Seattle.


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College Box

There are all kinds of snack boxes for everyone from paleo snackers to vegans. As we move into the fall semester, this college aimed care package is sure to brighten up the faces of the freshmen you send away. Keep them snacking and fueling their brain on those long study nights. and give them something to bring along for a pick-up between classes.



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