Delicious Desserts

60 Delicious Desserts You Don’t Have To Share

Desserts for One came about because of my new way of being healthy and my healthy eating. While trying to live a healthier lifestyle and eating better, that does not mean that you cannot indulge here and there. So many think indulging is making a whole cake and eating it. Indulging needs to be done in moderation so that you don’t go through life being deprived of favorites but you aren’t binging either. No matter how you try to justify it in your head, eating a whole cake is binging. I’ve compiled the best of the best in all things dessert, but for one.

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Butter Me Up, Baby!

Being from St .Louis, Gooey Butter Cake is a staple in just about every home. In St. Louis, it is as common as apple pie and sold in every bakery from your lovely corner bakery to the grocery store bakery department. It is served at breakfast, as coffee cake, dessert and is always seen at family events.

While there are many variations, basically it is a bottom layer base of buttery yellow cake and the top, the gooey goodness, is cream cheese,eggs,vanilla,butter, and powdered sugar. Remember I mentioned those variations? I’ve seen everything from Nutella to Pumpkin.

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