Meal Prep: 100 Healthy Mason Jar Meals for On-the-Go 1

Meal Prep: 100 Healthy Mason Jar Meals for On-the-Go

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Busy lifestyles often cause people to rely on unhealthy food options, such as fast food. Mason Jar Meals are a healthy alternative that can be made in advance and then transported for easy consumption. Mason Jar Meals can help make this easy. Mason jars are great containers because they seal tightly and don't leak, which is perfect for taking food with you. Mason jar meal prep is all about packing up your favorite foods in mason jars so that when you need to eat, just grab one from the fridge and take it with you!


Mason Jar Meals


Mason Jar Meals are a great way to stay healthy and avoid the temptation of grabbing food from the drive-thru. Mason Jar Meals are easy to make in advance, inexpensive, and come with their own, reusable container. Mason jar meal prep is a great way to take control of your diet!



Mason jar meal prep can be done at any time and takes only a few minutes. The first step is to choose your favorite foods, pack them in the mason jars as desired, and then store the jars in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to eat! When it's time for lunch, just grab one of the Mason Jar Meals from either the refrigerator or freezer. If taking these with you on the go, put some specially made ice packs into a large plastic bag (like Ziploc) before packing up your Mason Jars - this will keep cold food cool for hours! Finally, when all of your Mason Jars are prepped and packed away safely until needed again, rinse and clean your Mason Jars to use them again next time.




Helpful Tips for Mason Jar Meals

While you can use any canning jars, wide-mouth makes the loading of the jars easier.

The Proper Way to Layer Mason Jar Meal


Layer your Mason Jar Meals with the liquids on the bottom, followed by softer foods and then harder ones. The general rule is that you want to keep cold things towards the top of a Mason Jar Meal so they don't come in contact with hot food.

- For example rice at the top, beans below it, vegetables near the middle, ground beef, or chicken on the bottom (underneath any liquid). This will help make sure all of your Mason Jars are as fresh as possible when needed!

Tip for Saving Space When Packing Up Mason Jar Meals - Add water or broth first before cooking pasta; this way when cooked everything can fit inside one jar. You can also cook brown rice in two batches, cooking one jar at a time.

How Long Do Mason Jar Meals Last?

Mason Jar Meals can last in the refrigerator for up to five days and in the freezer for about three months.


Meal Prep: 100 Healthy Mason Jar Meals for On-the-Go 2


23 Breakfast Mason Jar Meals



Meal Prep: 100 Healthy Mason Jar Meals for On-the-Go 3


20 Soup Mason Jar Meals

Meal Prep: 100 Healthy Mason Jar Meals for On-the-Go 4


15 Dinner Mason Jar Meals


Meal Prep: 100 Healthy Mason Jar Meals for On-the-Go 5


21 Salad Mason Jar Meals


Meal Prep: 100 Healthy Mason Jar Meals for On-the-Go 6

20 Mason Jar Desserts

Mason Jar Meals are perfect for everyone. Whether you're a busy mom, an athlete looking to save time in the morning, or someone who just loves cooking new recipes with minimal effort and cleanup, these delicious meals-in-a jars will make your life easier. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of Mason Jar Meal recipes, as well as the many ways they can be personalized. Let us know what your favorites are! Be sure to share with friends and family who might enjoy these easy-to-pack meals on their next camping trip or picnic. And don't forget about all those lovely leftovers that will make delicious breakfasts for days after!


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