Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer 1
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Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer

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Never put in the dryerNowadays, most folks have dryers. At least in America. Americans love their convenience appliances and a dryer is one of the most coveted. We take them for granted... until they break. So, if you are in fact using a dryer, then heed the following advice for dryer safety. There are some things you should never put in the dryer. Read on, so you can be safe and keep your garments in good condition.

Avoid Machine Drying These Items for Dryer Safety and to Promote Longevity

Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer 2swimsuits

Never put your swimsuit in the dryer. This breaks down the material and they won't last as long. This is especially important for the more expensive swimsuits with special features like slimming.

Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer 3

athletic wear

Athletic clothing is specially designed for muscle support and to wick away moisture from sweat. While you can wash them, you'll need to air dry to prevent damaging their special qualities. Check out 8 Things You Didn’t Know Removed Stains.

period panties

Like Athletic Wear, period panties are specially made to hold menstrual flow. Putting them in the dryer will cause them to lose their absorbency.

bath mats

If your bath mats are rubber backed, then they should never be put in the dryer for safety reasons. The rubber gets dry and cracked and becomes a fire hazard. Here are 13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life

tights or pantyhose

All forms of hose rip and tear easily. The dryer weakens them and increases your chances for the rips and tears. Further, if there's an ever so slight hole you didn't notice, the dryer will make it bigger. Additionally, the dryer shrinks the fibers. Always air dry.


The dryer is the worst thing for bras and lingerie and reduces their lifespan. As anyone who has tossed lingerie in the dryer might know, this greatly reduces its lifespan. Best is to hand wash and air dry. Here are  Vinegar Uses You Never Knew About.

Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer 4


Same with athletic wear, bras and lingerie, etc., you'll weaken the fibers and elasticity of the spandex.  They are costly so air dry them to protect them.

Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer 5


Silk is extremely delicate, so handle it with the utmost care. Avoid both the washer and dryer, was by hand and allow to air dry. Here are Cleaning Mistakes That Are Spreading Germs and Making Your Home Dirtier.

Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer 6


Never put suede in the dryer. Air drying is the best option because even ironing and dry cleaning is not good for suede.

dryer sheets

Ever since I first heard about this, I stopped using dryer sheets. My understanding is that they are not only bad for your health and the environment, but they are said to start dryer fires after repeated use builds up in your dryer.  Here are Tricks to Make Your Towels Last Longer.


I hope this has helped you understand more about dryer safety. Ultimately, avoiding these items will save you money by allowing them to last longer.


Things That You Should Never Put in The Dryer 7

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