10+ Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money 1
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10+ Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money

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These laundry hacks are amazing! I will use them to help me get organized and save time and money! So pinning! #laundry #hacks #savetime #savemoney

Most of us keep up with the cleaning of our bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms but often leave laundry to the last because we are overwhelmed at the magnitude of it. From stains under arms to grease stains, to organizing the laundry it is all so much.

I've garnered many Laundry Hacks from experts over time and implemented them to save me time and to help you get over your sense of overwhelm, and compiled the best and easiest to get you started on the road to maintaining, organizing and overall saving time and money. Be sure to let me know what you already do that helps you!

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Laundry Hacks You Need to Cut Time & Expense

Laundry Hacks: Add Salt to The Washer

Did you know you should add salt to the wash? According to laundry experts, over time your clothes will get discolored from many washes. Simply adding a pinch of salt to your wash cycle will keep your clothes lasting longer due to the chloride found in salt. This will keep your colors bright and prevent fading.

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10+ Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money 2

Laundry Hacks: Underarm Stain Removal

We all get those stubborn underarm stains and many think their shirts or blouses are ruined. But by simply making a mixture of equal parts lemon and water and scrubbing the acid content will remove the most stubborn set in stains.

10+ Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money 3
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Laundry Hacks: Power of Sun

After laundering tomato stains and cloth diapers, the experts say the sun will help remove the stains.

Laundry Hacks: Organize Laundry

This may seem so simple and logical but simply having a laundry station and sorting laundry in multiple hampers as it's used will save so much time. Separate colors from whites, separate towels, and even jeans. I also have one that is marked stains so everyone knows to place anything needing treatment in that basket. If you are on a budget, this can be done inexpensively with Dollar Tree laundry baskets.

10+ Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money 4

Laundry Hacks: Red Wine Removal

To remove freshly spilled wine that is still wet, use either kitty litter, milk, salt or club soda. It must be treated immediately. Get full directions on removal here.


Laundry Hacks: White Bread

Wad up white bread, sans crust, and blot lipstick stains. The remaining should come out when laundered.

Laundry Hacks: Grease Stains

did you know if you rub chalk on grease stains, whether food or car related, that the chalk powder absorbs the grease and removes the stain in your normal wash? No more messy, grease-stained clothing! Baby Powder is said to work as well.

10+ Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money 5

Laundry Hacks: Hand Soap or Hydrogen Peroxide

To remove blood while still wet, use some cold water and hand soap. Once dried, use Hydrogen Peroxide (on whites as it is a bleaching agent). Hydrogen Peroxide will also remove grass stains.

Laundry Hacks: Ink Stains

Most of you have probably heard this trick but may not have tried it yet. A little hand sanitizer or hairspray applied to an ink stain and allow to rest for a bit and washed as normal will remove pesky ink stains due to its alcohol content.

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10+ Laundry Hacks That Save You Time & Money 6

Laundry Hacks: Clean the Washer

Protect your expensive investment of a washer by keeping it clean and maintained. Fill your washer as normal, on the longest, highest load and hottest setting for your machine. Simply add 1 quart of white vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda to the cycle.  This inexpensive mixture will clean and disinfect and keep it and your clothes lasting longer.

Laundry Hacks: Extend The Life of Clothing

Dry cleaning is harsh on clothing. Extend the life by spot cleaning between dry cleans.

Laundry Hacks: Save Time

A huge time saver is sorting clothes as they are removed. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can grab inexpensive ones and should have one for colored, darks, whites, and towels.

Laundry Hacks: Use Dryer Balls

Using Dryer Balls instead of fabric softener will save you money now and in the long run. Using dryer balls, you no longer need fabric softener. They also help cut drying time. Additionally, fabric softener sheets cause a build up in your dryer and vent.



These laundry hacks from laundry experts are sure to help you maintain your clothes and expensive machines longer. If these helped you, or you have some tips I should add, please let me know! I love hearing from my readers!

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