14 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

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Obviously keeping an organized fridge will save you time. Time from looking and digging. It will also save you money. Lost items in the fridge get forgotten and go bad, thus wasting money. But that search time also wastes energy. We all hate throwing money away, so let’s start saving with some refrigerator hacks.

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I love being organized and giving everything its own place. While I do a lot of organizing on my own, I also count on other bloggers for great ideas I may not have thought of. Finding what I need to fit refrigerator storage shelves for organization to refrigerator shelf labels to refrigerator condiment organizers were all found, thanks in part to my blogger friends. In my own research for these great refrigerator hacks, I’ve decided to compile the best for my readers. I hope they inspire you to organize! If they do, then be sure to let me know what you liked, what you tried and I always love seeing pics!

My Favorite Refrigerator Hacks

Snack Station

First, let’s take care of the kids. Although, this is great for adults too! Having a snack station bin lets the kids know what treats are theirs and they are easy to grab. Plus, you can steer them to healthier options.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for storing fresh fruit, fruit salads, salads and so much more.

Lazy Susan

Using a lazy susan in the refrigerator is genius. Allows you to keep commonly used items where you can get to them and simply spin for items that were in the back.

Dry Erase

Use a dry erase board to track what is stored in your refrigerator and freezer and their expiration dates. Don’t forget to add those leftovers to your list!


Storing Condiments

Use an egg carton to store your condiments upside down.

Another Condiment Storage Idea

I personally love this one! So many dressings and condiments come out too much and too fast. Simply filling these condiment containers and using them stops overuse and waste as well as ease of storage.

Freezer Dates

Use the freezer door and a dry erase marker (do NOT use a permanent marker) to keep track of what is stored inside.

Plastic Bins

Use plastic bins to keep the fridge organized. These are found in Dollar Tree!

or clear bins-


Organized Freezer

While this is an idea for a freezer drawer, I’ve done this in chest and upright freezers. Keeping it organized helps keep you from losing things because you don’t want to dig. Simply organized by type of meat, breakfast items, frozen snacks.

Added Storage

Use a wire shelf to add more storage to your top shelf.

Hanging Storage

Upright freezers have racks that you can hang bags using binder clips which gives you added space, because the shelf becomes free. Also keeps your bags closed when you’ve opened and partially used a bag. This method is great if you have the open air racks in a pantry as well.

Eat Me First Bin

Add an Eat Me First Bin so everyone knows what is expiring soon.

Keep Your Fridge Clean

Covering the shelves makes ease of cleaning. Cover with Press And Seal plastic wrap, then wipe up easy spills or simply pull off and replace.


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  1. Ashley @ whenitraynes wrote:

    I love all of these ideas! I have the worst time keeping my fridge organized! The snack station and egg carton idea’s are brilliant! I keep loads of egg cartons because we have chickens. But I have never considered using them for that! I love it!

    Posted 2.3.19 Reply


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