The Course That Changed My Blogging – An Honest Review

Last year I decided I wanted to make more.

I was determined to look for a way that I could incorporate another income into my schedule with my existing job. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I wanted more.  I had completely changed my life by getting a divorce, moving and changing careers… you know, Chasing A Better Life.  🙂

Many tend to be skeptical about hearing other people’s success.

That wasn’t me.

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I had heard a podcast on The Side Hustle Show interviewing Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter.

She described how she went from $70 to $5000 in a year. But I also heard other bloggers describe how it took them several years to start seeing any real income from blogging.

Rosemarie gave a lot of tips on what she did to become successful.

I was convinced I could do it too! Her story pushed me to start and keep going.

Through my research, I also stumbled onto Scrivs and his online course called BBC

I don’t like to spend any money on courses and ebooks. I find a lot are fluff. I have purchased others and regretted it so I won’t promote them.

I followed each step and began to see immediate success with my blog. And now, in less than a year, I am making over $5,000 a month!

Like I said, I had a good job, but I am thrifty when it comes to buying things like this. But I knew I wanted more because I wanted to travel on breaks and the summer months.

So I invested in myself and my blog with BBC.

On a quick side note: If you want to get know how to start a blog, you can check out How To Set Up A Blog In Under 30 Minutes to get started.

So What’s in BBC?

BBC (Billionaire Blog Club), is a course that will show you step-by-step from launching your blog to each step needed to become a success.

It shows in detail what they need to do to to get a successful start in order to see a profit.

And some of these things include:
  • How to start
  • Niche Selection
  • Casting a Wide Net with content
  • Setting Up Pinterest
  • Writing Content
  • Working in WordPress
  • Pin Creation
  • SEO
  • And a ton more!

There is a wealth of info you can get on the net that will help you out, but they will only share so much so you buy each of their courses.

Simply investing in this course, you’ll get the help you need in one spot.

This will keep you wasting time searching for the answers and help you be successful from the get-go.

Another Quick Note: BBC is only open a short time. When it closes, it really closes and the next time it opens it will cost more so your best bet is to get it now!

One Quick Tip

So when you buy this, you must implement it. If you buy and let it sit without going through it and implementing, it won’t work.

Plain and simple.

You need to be willing to put in the work.

So if you’re going to invest in yourself and blog with BBC, then you need to be sure that you’re willing to put it to work.

Who It’s For

This course is for: 
  • Those who want to start a blog
  • Those who want to make a full-time income
  • Those who want to have a profitable blog
  • Those who’ve been struggling with an existing blog
  • Those who are willing to put the course to work
Who It’s Not For:
  • Those who aren’t willing to work for success
  • Those who will never actually open the course

When It’s Open

So here’s the thing…It’s open now. And BBC closes, when it reopens it will cost more.


If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to email me.


8 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks You’ll Want To Try






Truth be told, the dollar store is one of my favorite stores. Whether it is Family Dollar in  Greenville SC or Florida, your nearest family dollar has great stuff! No, I am not a super cheap person either. But why would you pay full price for everyday items that you can get for cheap?! They have many amazing items for your home, crafts, and so much more from the dollar store. And everything is just a dollar.

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10 Magazine Holder Hacks That Will Actually Organize Your Life

I am an organizer at heart. It actually comes very naturally to me. I like everything to have a place and everything to be in its place. One of my favorite organizers is the magazine holder. I incorporate them into every room of the house.

I’ve compiled my favorite magazine holder organizing options for you to peruse and incorporate into your home. Remember, you can get them in many different styles. They not only organize but can add a little style to your decor. Let me know which you like!

Organize Cutting Boards

Organize and hide your cutting boards with a magazine holder. This

eliminates countertop clutter.



Organize Flip Flops and Flats 

Organize and store flats and flip flops in magazine holders. Simply use a different holder for each style.

Organize Plastic Wrap, Foil, Etc. 

Most of us do not have enough drawer space. No need to take it up with foils and wraps! Simply store in a magazine holder.

Organize and Store Pantry Perishables

Store your pantry perishables in a metal magazine holder with open holes. This allows air to circulate. Magazine holders are also great for holding pasta in the pantry. Think outside the box!

Water Bottle Storage and Organization

This is one of my favorites! If you are like me, you too probably have a lot of water bottles. This is a simple, effective, and inexpensive!

Curling Iron Organizer

Organize styling tools under your sink or in the linen closet with a magazine holder. Store curling irons, hair straighteners, even dryers. Just be sure to let it cool first.

Organize Your Fridge & Freezer

This is another favorite! No need to buy expensive clear refrigerator holders. Just grab clear magazine holders for simple and effective organization!

Hide Your Modem or Router

Modems and routers are definitely not visually appealing. Simply hide in a magazine holder either upright or laying on it’s side (wooden ones look like a shelf!). Easy and effective way to hide them.

Organize and Hide Toilet Paper

Simply store toilet paper in a magazine holder. It not only organizes but is easy to grab!

Organize and Store Canned Goods

Another one I love! Organizes yet allows you to see in order to select without rummaging.


Magazine holders are such underutilized but effective and inexpensive storage tool. Hopefully, these ten hacks will help you on the road to a more organized home. If you try any, let me know what you think.

If you have ideas, please be sure to comment. We might utilize it too! What’s The Smartest Organizing Trick You’ve Ever Tried?








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10 Keto Cocktails You Need In Your Life

When we think of keto, most of us think first of simple ketogenic meals or of fat based ketogenic diet or even ketogenic diet foods for weight loss. After you’ve been on the keto lifestyle diet awhile, your questions will go from simple carbs in cocktail sauce to questioning if there are low carb alcoholic cocktails. Drinking on a ketogenic diet should be done cautiously. Especially for those of you unfamiliar with the rules of alcohol and keto.

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