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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 1

I love to shop but hate paying full price and I try to avoid it. Everybody loves a deal, but they don’t always know how to find one. I have a secret weapon. It's called The Krazy Coupon Lady. The Krazy Coupon Lady is the QUEEN of Money Saving!

I stalk her blog for the latest in deals but I always have her tips pulled up and at the ready when I am at a particular store. She really is the be all end all of shopping tips and deals. It's clear she has put all her tips to the test.

Check out these best of guides to saving money at our favorite stores. Let me know if you try them and save money too!

T.J. Maxx

10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 2

T.J. Maxx is my favorite saving place. They already have marked down prices but there are also hidden savings.

The best time to shop T.J.Maxx is Wednesday morning.

Yellow price tags indicate final markdowns.

You can ask an employee for a markdown check on your items.

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 3

Target is right up there with T.J. Maxx! So affordable already, but there are more savings to be had! Want to hack Target? Check these out:

Save 5% on everything you buy with the Target RedCard (no credit card needed).

Cartwheel app will change your life & save you 50% on cookies.

Target coupon policy allows (at least) two coupons per item!

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 4

During Kohl’s Cash earning periods, you can receive $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent.

The best time to shop is 3 PM Friday to 1 PM Saturday.

Price match in-store and online.

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 5

Ulta is also a favorite of mine! In addition to great savings, they have amazing services!

Work the Ultamate Rewards Program and get free stuff.

Do NOT opt out of emails. (Unless you hate coupons.)

Download the Ulta app so you always have a $3.50 off $15 coupon on you.

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 6

Buy discounted JCPenney gift cards to save up to 12% at Sephora.

Get FOUR free samples with every online order.

Follow Fan Fridays on Facebook for free stuff.

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 7

Use competitor coupons at Michaels — even for stores that aren’t in your city.

Show a Michaels employee a competitor’s ad and get the lower competitor’s price, plus 10%.

Download the Michaels app so you always have (at least) one 40% off coupon with you.

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 8

With the right strategy, you can pay less for a Gap wardrobe than one from Walmart. Gap regular prices are high, but sales are frequent and discount deep.

At Gap, the magic number is 40%. The Gap generally offers a store-wide, 40% off full-price merchandise promotion every six to eight weeks. Each promotion lasts for three to four days and often coincides with holidays like Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. And then there’s Gap Friends and Family event, which usually comes around in March and November.

There is NO excuse for paying full price for these Gap coupons! Gap sales and coupon codes are widely available and updated frequently, often multiple times per week.

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 9

Use a Costco Cash Card to shop without a membership.

Pay with any credit card when you shop Costco online.

Get your printer ink cartridge refilled for $7.99.

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Whole Foods

10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 10

Grab extra coupon booklets! Whole Foods coupons are available for two months but valid for three!

Use a Whole Foods coupon, a manufacturer coupon, and multiple rebate app offers on one item.

Satisfy grumpy kids with free snacks from the Whole Kids Club.

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18 Shocking Things You Should Always Buy at Drugstores

10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 11

Laundry Detergent at Walgreens. Tide lovers, look for once-a-month Walgreens Balance Rewards Points deals!

Gift Cards at Rite Aid. Buy gift cards at Rite Aid and earn Plenti Points that can be used to pay for future purchases.

Milk at CVS.CVS often offer sale prices and ExtraBucks promotions that can be stacked with regional newspaper coupons.

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10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 12

You can get produce for 30-60% less than you can get it at Walmart.

Cheap and natural meat. Save on natural meats with ALDI’s Never Any! brands. These products never contain any hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products.

You can shop local and organic foods for less money than you’d spend at Trader Joe’s (or even Target).

And the list goes on! Check out the rest of their Aldi deals here!

Trader Joes

10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 13

Low prices.  Products are bought directly from suppliers when possible and are bought in volume. While most stores charge fees to have items on shelves, Trader Joe's doesn’t. I often find that Trader Joe’s prices are lower than most grocery stores—even on the staples like produce and eggs.

The Trader Joe's label. Trader Joe's takes special care with the products they sell under their brand. You can safely expect that their brand will be free of GMO ingredients—although their animal products aren’t guaranteed to be fed non-GMO feed.

Coupons. Trader Joe's accepts coupons! The majority of products Trader Joe's carries are store brand and don’t have coupons, though. However, there are also national brands, so match the typically lower prices on your favorite product with a manufacturer coupon and start getting great deals! Check the Trader Joe's store page on The Krazy Coupon Lady to stay up to date on how to consistently save with coupons at Trader Joe's.

Produce. Produce is usually sold by the piece or by the package.

Best Buy

10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 14

Get refurbished or previously owned items up to 60% off in-store or online in the Best Buy Outlet.

Shop the Outlet’s “Over 50% Off” section for gadgets, accessories, remotes, and cords.

Ask for 25% off a floor model TV or kitchen appliance.

Check out more of their Best Buy saving tips here!


10 Lists That Will Help You Save BIG Money At The Store 15

Sidestep the "latte" for cheaper chai tea. Instead of ordering a chai tea latte ($3.65, grande), order hot chai tea ($2.15, grande) and add your own milk at the condiment stand for free.

Skip the "iced."

Order a grande, not a venti.



Like I said, I focus on getting a deal when I shop. And The Krazy Coupon Lady helps me to do so.  Every time. Stop paying full price and utilize The Krazy Coupon Lady!

If you have money saving tips, be sure to let me know! We’d love to add them!


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