The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive

The Best Candles to Give You All The Festive Feels

It may already be December, and Christmas is nearing, However, I always feel that we can up the festive feel in our homes.  So, I have the best candles for the occasion to help make things merry and bright.

When you get home, you want a way to lighten your emotional load, relieve stress and, most of all, feel all those cozy and festive feels. When I am home, I love to wear something cozy yet festive, watch my favorite Christmas movies (there are so many!).  However, it’s when I turn my lights off and light my tree and all of my candles that the holiday spirit really kicks in. So, here is a list of my favorite choices for best candles of the season. These candles create a warm and festive glow to my holidays, so your mood immediately improves.

Candles are actually something I incorporate year round. I pick the best candles by my favorite scents, then buy the outer decorative holder for a lot of them. Especially since my favorite year-round scent tends to be one thought of as Christmassy (Is that a word?). For me, my candles are a standard not only for every day but for my holidays. I’m sharing all of my all of my favorites to get you (and your home) in the Christmas spirit!

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5 Gifts For Your Best Friend That She’ll Love

Struggling with what to get your bestie? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your friendship is one that should be celebrated and whether for a birthday, Christmas or just a Thank you, I have ideas to help.  These gifts for your best friend are sure to thrill even the most discriminating tastes as well as make her smile and think of you everytime she sees them.  Another thing to consider for inspiration is the gift trends on Pinterest.

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Most Popular Gifts This Year According To Pinterest

One thing is clear if you look to Pinterest the most popular gifts of the year.  People are pretty keen on being warm and welcoming with each other.  Three of the top five kinds of gifts all relate to how we treat those who are near to us.  As you shop for the perfect Christmas gifts this year consider items that fall under these popular categories found on Pinterest.  For each of these categories of popular Christmas gifts, I’ll include some links and examples from Pinterest.  For additional inspiration, have a look at my 2018 Holiday gift guide.

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5 Smart Money Moves That Will Actually Benefit You

Whether you have more money or more debt, there are things you can do to increase wealth and reduce debt.  You may start a side hustle for some extra cash, or you may need solutions to grow what you have.  Wherever your starting point is, your financial health is important, and it is never too late to start doing something about it.  These 5 smart money moves are easy to follow and have proven to be very beneficial.

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5 Easy and Simple Ways To Start Growing Your Blog

If you are just starting out with a blog of your own, follow these tips to gain some ground and build on your success.  You may be struggling to grow your audience.  Maybe you are having difficulty generating the reach or the traffic you would like.  These tips are some of the simplest ways to start growing your blog so that you can build a strong following that cares about the content you create.

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5 Clever Ways to Organize Your Pantry

It may be hidden from view, but one of the most important parts of the kitchen is the pantry.  If it’s an unorganized mess, meal planning can be difficult and food always gets wasted.  It’s crucial to have a functioning system that helps you monitor your inventory and use your perishables efficiently.  When you have an organized pantry, it amounts to savings in time and money.  So, here are five clever ways to organize your pantry.

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5 Frugal and Safe Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home

You would be surprised how easy it is to make your own homemade cleaner solutions without the use of harmful chemicals.  There is a common thread that underpins most of these cleaners and they can be used for purposes other than what is described below.  The best news is that you probably don’t have to go out and buy anything new for these safe homemade cleaning products.

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New Yorker Bagels Shipped Fresh Overnight

Thank you New Yorker Bagels for sponsoring this post. Order a box of New Yorker Bagels for your table!

This is a great time to start getting special things for your loved ones.  We don’t need to wait until Christmas.  In fact, some things are best enjoyed in the days leading up to Christmas.  I just found out that New Yorker Bagels now ships their famous bagels anywhere in the US and you can purchase them online.  I’m blown away by this for reasons I’ll mention below, but I’m really happy to share these with my grandkids.  You’ll need a new toaster this holiday season.  Trust me,

A Real New York Bagel

If you’ve had a bagel in New York, it was probably a New Yorker Bagel.  New Yorker Bagels account for more than half of the bagels in New York.  For nearly 40 years they have been the high water mark for bagels in New York.  That pretty much makes them the best bagels worldwide.  Leading brands have relied on the quality and goodness of New Yorker Bagels for decades, including cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Obsessed with Freshness

Here’s why I like New Yorker Bagels for my grandkids.  They are so good, when you try them, you just know that there is no substitute.  Bagels make a terrific convenience breakfast for the kids and New Yorker Bagels really make them happy.  Even though they are based in New York, freshness is super important to them so they ship overnight in the US free of charge.  That’s amazing.  This is a totally new thing and I can’t believe that now I can get the same high-quality hand-rolled bagels shipped to my doorstep.

I normally worry when ordering from a popular brand that the quality will suffer, because I’m not physically there.  The fact that New Yorker Bagels obsesses so much over the quality of their product makes me happy to support what they do.  This also presents a wonderful gift giving opportunity in the form of a Bagel of the Month subscription.

Quite a Variety

As if the New Yorker Bagels brand wasn’t enough to make this new online buying option so exciting, they offer so many different options, including their Flat Bagels, which are kind of a big deal.  Among New Yorker Bagels’ 22 varieties of bagels are more traditional selections, but also outrageous choices as well.  French Toast, Jalapeño and Kalamata Olive are just a few.  Plus they offer healthful bagels like Quinoa Multigrain, Cranberry Energy and Whole Wheat.  These delicious bagels also happen to be vegan and certified kosher.  If you are having a special occasion this holiday season, why not order up a big box of New Yorker Bagels?

This post has been sponsored by New Yorker Bagels, but all opinions are entirely my own.


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