7 Intermittent Fasting Hacks For Successful Keto

omg! These hacks are amazing! I can't wait to incorporate intermittent fasting into my keto lifestyle! So pinning!

Keto is growing in popularity as is incorporating intermittent fasting for success. Intermittent fasting is simply fasting for a period of time, usually between 14 and 18 hours. A lot of people utilize sleeping time as a part of those hours. During the eating hours, you focus on keto. While there are those that say it’s a fad, it is proven to be successful not only for weight loss but also for a variety of illnesses and to improve overall health.

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Since I am on keto, I’ve researched adding intermittent fasting to incorporate for more success. I’ve done the research and you get to reap the benefits by my providing you with some great tips and tricks for success whether it be for weight loss or a lifestyle change. Check these top tips out and follow up letting me know what you think!

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Focus on The Food

So you’ve fasted, typically 16 hours, and now you get to eat. While keto and intermittent fasting cut your appetite and cravings, you want to be sure to select the right foods and continue the focus on keto friendly allowable foods. Don’t forget that you don’t want to overdo protein and to incorporate healthy fat to boost your energy.

Drink More Water

Always important whether you are dieting or not is including enough water in your day. It’s also imperative to any diet plan. It also helps you feel fuller faster if you drink a glass of water prior to eating. This will help you to not overeat. To beat boredom, add keto friendly things to water like cucumber.

Avoid Sugar-Free Drinks

Most people assume that you can have sugar free drinks but the wrong artificial sugar can derail your efforts. That means no diet soda, flavored waters, or energy drinks. Some artificial sugars actually cause you to overeat.

Occupy Yourself

A lot of time boredom causes you to snack so you’ll want to be sure to keep yourself entertained while fasting. Simply find activities that take your mind off food like exercise, a movie, or reading a book.

Get A Sleep Routine

It’s important to get enough sleep as well as go to bed at the same time each day. The right amount of sleep will have an effect on your mood as well as eating. Fasting through your sleep time makes fasting a bit easier.

Control Your Stress

Stress can trigger overeating which makes intermittent fasting seem nearly impossible to maintain. When you’re influenced by stress and lack of good sleep, you’ll tend to focus on eating unhealthy food to make yourself feel better. So learn to control your stress while on this diet.

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Exercise Routine

While most of us hate it, you may as well face the fact that weight comes off easier with exercise. And as mentioned previously, it will keep your mind off food. Lastly, after applying all of these tips, do yourself a favor and exercise. There’s a multitude of home workouts so there’s really no need to go to a gym unless that’s what works for you.

Incorporating intermittent fasting to any plan doesn’t need to be hard. I’ve provided you several tips to get you through and you will find more that work for you through trial and effort. If you add intermittent fasting, let me know what you think and what worked for you. If something works for you not on my list, I’d be happy to update.


omg! These hacks are amazing! I can't wait to incorporate intermittent fasting into my keto lifestyle! So pinning!

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