10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser

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10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 110 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 2
Magic Erasers are, well, just magic. Am I right? But, did you know the places you should never use a Magic Eraser? Here’s my list so you’ll know before you try it.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 3


Magic Erasers are famous for removing all kinds of dirt, never use them on the outside of a car. You may not see or feel them, but Magic Eraser is made up of tiny abrasive fibers and will damage the finish on your car. Get your car looking spiffy with these 11 Best Car Cleaning Hacks That Will Actually Deep Clean Your Car.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 4


Many have used Magic Erasers on crayon marks on painted walls, however, it should never be used on any wood surfaces. It will strip the finish of your wood. Don’t miss these 10 Charts Guaranteed to Make You A Pro At Cleaning Anything.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 5

High Gloss Paint

Don’t use a Magic Erasers on High Gloss Paint Surfaces. The microscopic abrasive fibers will dull the finish. Here are  8 Genius Cleaning Hacks To Save You Time.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 610 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 7

Nonstick pots and pans

Nonstick pots and pans are just that, nonstick. However, using a Magic Eraser on it will scratch the finish with its abrasive fibers leaving it nonstick no more. Not to mention, that finish starts coming off and getting into your food. These are the 11 Time & Money Saving Cleaning Hacks For The Kitchen.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 8


Countertops are expensive and while they look durable, they are no match for the Magic Erasers abrasive fibers.  They will dull the finish and remove the protective sealers.  Here are 5 Frugal and Safe Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 9

Toilet bowls

I am sure you’ve seen or read that dropping a Magic Eraser in the toilet to clean it. This does not work since it needs your scrubbing power behind the eraser to actually work. Not only that, if someone should flush it, it may clog your toilet.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 10


Collectibles can be valuable, therefore you’d not want to damage them. Especially with their delicate aged finishes. Everyone should be aware of Cleaning Mistakes That Are Spreading Germs and Making Your Home Dirtier.

10 Places You Should Never Use a Magic Eraser 11

Stainless steel

Scrubbing stainless steel with anything abrasive will ruin the shiny finish and cause it to look dull and scratched. The same is true if you use a Magic Eraser. Try these Vinegar Uses You Never Knew About.


This should go without saying right? I mean why would you risk using anything on your skin not designated for the skin. It’s just too risky. Magic Erasers tiny fibers may cause skin irritation and the abrasiveness may damage your skin.

ALWAYS spot test

If something needs attention and you are considering using a Magic Eraser, do a small spot test on an inconspicuous spot. This will avoid any unnecessary heartache from damaged surfaces. N


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