13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life 1
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13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life

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13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life 213 Things You Can Clean with a Lint Roller Besides Clothes

If you thought a lint roller was exclusive to removing lint from clothing, well, you're missing out! There are so many uses to the handy, inexpensive lint roller that you should have them on hand!


Whether you are single, a mom, or a pet mom, there are many uses for the lint roller. I happen to have lint rollers always on hand. I have one in all my bathrooms, in the kitchen, and one in the car too. I definitely had one in my desk when I worked in the corporate environment as well!


There was one occasion at home that I was thankful I always keep them on hand. I had broken a lightbulb. Worse yet, it was one of the smaller, thinner glass ones that are worse about the small shards. There was a great deal of glass EVERYWHERE. To make matters worse, my kids were home. I'm sure you're aware, if you don't find a good remedy for getting it up, your feet are finding the glass forever. I knew not to attempt to clean it up with the vacuum because it was a bare floor. That tends to just shoot it. I grabbed my trusty lint roller and got it all up!

Broken Glass

As I said, I've put this one to use myself! First, sweep up what you can then the lint roller picks up even the tiniest of shards.


13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life 3Shoes

Believe it or not, lint rollers are great at getting loose debris, dirt, crumbs and lint of shoes. I like to use it on my suede-like shoes that lint seems to love.



Quickly dust drapes but simply running your lint roller over them.



13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life 4Purse/Diaper Bag

Clean debris and crumbs from handbags and diaper bags easily with a lint roller. Also works great on kids' backpacks!


Pet Hair

Clean per hair from couches, chairs, and carpet with a swipe of the lint roller.



Clean dust and dirt from lamp shades with a simple roll of the lint roller. Yes, it's that easy. Trust me. Before I used the lint roller, lamp shades were the bane of my existence.


13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life 5Couch, Furniture, Carpet

So you want to clean but not pull out the vacuum. For small messes grab that trusty lint roller and go to work. It's also great for quick pick-ups when unexpected guests are on the way over.


The Car

Clean the car floor and hard to reach areas like cupholders with your lint roller. It's a great idea to keep a roller in the car for messes or quick outfit pick-ups.



Have a mess of craft supplies like glitter? Lint rollers are great to pick these kinds of messes up.



If your hair gets all over like mine, keep a lint roller in the bathroom. They are GREAT at picking up all that hair.


13 Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life 6Clothing

So you obviously know the original intended use is to remove lint from clothing. But, you can pretty much remove most messes like crumbs, dandruff, well...I guess most anything!



Christmas Tree

If you do a real tree, you know all too well the needle debris found on the floor. Am I right? Those little puppies hurt too. Clean up quick with your lint roller.


So these are just some of the awesome things lint rollers can do. It's such an easy, quick and inexpensive remedy so it is so handy to have lint rollers around your home, your purse,  in the car, and don't forget your desk at work (like I did. It was a lifesaver on many occasion!).


Do you know any other uses for lint rollers?




  • Amy

    I use a lint roller in my plants! My African violet gets dust in the little hairs on the leaves. I gently run the lint roller over them and viola clean leaves! I use it on other plants that get occasional dust or little webs as well

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