12 Amazon Hidden Gems You’ll Want Now

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These hidden gems on Amazon are my picks for money and time-saving gadgets.

 Sandwich Bag

If you are someone who takes prepared lunches to save money, save even more with these reusable sandwich bags. You’ll be helping the environment at the same time.  This silicone Stasher bag is conveniently dishwasher and microwave safe. Stasher bags fully seal making them great for sous vide. Check them out here.

Dirty or Clean

Are the dishes dirty or clean? The struggle is real. Simply flip the magnet from dirty or clean to let everyone know the status of what’s in the dishwasher. Check out these here.

Warm Hands Warm Heart?

All those in the Midwest currently under a winter storm warning will need this reusable hand warmer from Zippo. It’s sure to keep keeps them toasty for a lengthy 12 hours. Grab yours here.

Get Organized

If you follow me, you know how I am all about organization. This simple tool can be used in any drawer and is adjustable, allowing you to accommodate what will be in the drawer. Grab a few here.

A Good Egg

Again, if you follow me, you’ll know that I am on keto and consume a lot of eggs. They are very low carb/keto friendly and a great protein option for anyone. Easily prep your eggs with this egg cooker.  It will cook them however you like them easily. Best of all, they are the easiest to peal! I’ve given them as gifts and the receivers are still raving about the easiness to peel. Get the exact egg cooker I have and gift here.

Back Saver

As someone who worked corporate prior to blogging full time, I know all too well how much the back can hurt from sitting 8 hours or more (I often worked 10 hour days especially when on special testing groups for new software). To get some relief for your lower back, this ComfiLife cushion is the answer. It will automatically improve your posture by taking pressure off your tailbone. Get your back saver here.


Obviously, this can be used anywhere, but I sure could have used this in my corporate job. I lived on coffee. Coffee should be hot or iced, never lukewarm. And no one has time to keep getting up and heating their coffee while working. This handy tool will keep your drink hot until the last sip. Check it out here.

Keep It Clean

So this is great for anyone but is amazing for anyone who travels extensively as I do. It’s so hard trying to keep everything in the TSA sizes but this shampoo bar makes life easier. Believe it or not, less waste too. This J.R. Liggett’s shampoo bar is everything. Grab it now here.

For Your Furry Friend

This is for both you and your furry friend. For you, it eliminates all that loose hair by frequently brushing with the glove. For your furry friend, it feels amazing. Win-Win. Am I right? Grab one for your fur lovey here.

Keep Hydrated

You all should know by now the importance of keeping hydrated. This water bottle makes it easier. It’s also great if you travel. It takes up less space and when you are in the airport you cannot take ANY liquid past security. Yet, buying water at the airport is crazy expensive. Once past security, you can easily fill this reusable water bottle saving you money. Get this eco-friendly gem here.

Charge It

A good charger is always needed, but this one is extra special. It already comes with the cord. This version from Jackery is one less thing to think about since it’s all in one. Get it here.

Cuts Like A Knife

A frustrating thing about knife blocks is having to pull several out to see which one you actually want. This gem will be a time and frustration saver. This Skandia knife block is clear, allowing you to see the blades and immediately select the much-needed knife to get along with your cooking. Get this time-saving beauty right here.

Make Memories

I am all about making moments with friends and family and I love capturing those moments for posterity. In the past, I’ve had to save, upload to the computer and then order through a print shop and pick up. I no longer do that since getting my Polaroid Zip wireless photo printer for instant prints. Instant gratification. Save your memories with one right here.


Let me know which ones you think would help you save time and/or money. Did I miss anything you like? 

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