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Best Ways to Remove Gum

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Best Ways to Remove Gum 2At one time or another, we've all been there...found gum stuck somewhere. It's usually the bottom of our shoe, however, if you have kids inevitably it'll be in hair or clothes, too. I've got all the tricks and hacks for gum removal. 

peanut butter

Peanut butter is what people usually grab first to remove gum. Probably because most of us have it and have heard it works. Just spread the peanut butter on the gum and let sit to soften it. It will make removal easy after it sits. This is especially great for gum in hair. Check out some things that you should never put in the dryer.


Ice is great for clothing and furniture or carpet. Take some ice and place on the offending area until it hardens from the ice. It should scrape right off after it hardens.  Here are 8 Things You Didn’t Know Removed Stains.


Hairspray is said to remove gum.  Spray it directly on the gum.  Allow it to dry. It should scrape right off.

lemon juice

If you get gum on your clothing, juice a lemon and let the item soak in it. It should scrape off. Wash as normal. Here's Marie Kondo’s Favorite Storage.


The best remedy for gum on shoes is spraying with WD-40. It should come right off.


If you found gum on clothing, put the item in the freezer and allow the gum to freeze and harden. It should then come right off. Here are some more ways to Reduce Clutter for Good.


So this one is a complicated one.  The oil in may can remove gum, however, the oil can leave a stain. I would opt for other remedies before this one.  Learn Lint Roller Uses That Will Improve Your Life.


They say vinegar will remove gum from the fabric after soaking. I've not tried this one. If anyone has tried it, let me know. Here are 9 Uses for Ice Cubes You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner.


The toothpaste that's so great about cleaning your teeth will break down the stickiness of gum. Spread some on and allow to sit. It should scrape right off.

hair dryer

The heat from the hair dryer will soften the gum and allow it to come off easily. I would use this strictly on shoes or nothing you are worried about so the heat from the dryer doesn't harm fabrics.

Let me know which of these you've tried and what worked for you. I love hearing from you.


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