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Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs

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Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 2Laundry is one of the most dreaded tasks in the home. And it's one we must do and must do frequently. Often times we just think of laundry as what we're washing and what soap and softener to use. However, there are other tools that should be stored in your laundry room for the life and care of your items, items that cost a lot and you need to protect that cost. Take a look at these and see what you're missing from your laundry arsenal.



Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 3Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 4One of the biggest problems with clothing is the pilling and fuzzing of these expensive items. This is caused by rubbing of the fabric together or against something else, like frequent washing of favorite items. We want to look good yet when this happens it looks like we are not taking care of ourselves and our clothing and it's a hit to our budgets to discard and rebuy. Maintain your clothing by removing pilling and fuzz with this tool from The Laundress.

This tool is super simple to use. Just lay the sweater on a flat surface and gently run the comb across, removing pilling and fuzz. This can be used on any fiber that pills or fuzzes from sweaters to t-shirts to throws and pillows.

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Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 6Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 7The latest and possibly greatest hot new item in the area of laundry might just be the dryer ball. Dryer balls have many value-added pluses: they keep laundry (like sheets) from getting tangled, they ultimately save you money on energy because they keep you from having to repeatedly run the dryer by keeping the clothes loose and tangle free, they save you money on dryer sheets or fabric softener as they are not needed with these.

There are a lot of dryer balls on the market but if you are looking for the healthiest, chemical free, most organic tools for your family, you'll want wool dryer balls. I chose these for my family because of the 100% wool with no synthetic fibers.

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Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 9Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 10Laundry bags are another important item for the care and protection of your items, protecting your investment. They are most often used for delicate clothing items and bras but are great for keeping socks together as well. I also wash my strappy camisoles/tank tops in a laundry bag to prevent the thin straps from getting caught on the washer. I have had this happen to a favorite item.

They are a relatively small investment and will protect the longevity of your clothing. They are also great for travel. I take several and divide and put dirty items in the appropriate bag and when I get home I just toss the bag in the washer.


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Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 12Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 13Home Dry Cleaning kits are another great advancement in the laundry arena. After spending hundreds of dollars on dry cleaning to protect my expensive corporate clothing, I was happy to discover this money and time saver and they are so easy to use!

Typically these kits include a reusable bag, cleaning cloths, a stain remover, and directions. Refills are easily obtainable further keeping expenses down.

I have found them, in my case, to be reliable and user-friendly. The cost I saved in dry cleaning is astronomical and the time-saving it brings to an already busy schedule is paramount. No running around and dropping off at a dry cleaner. Additionally, not all dry cleaners are on the up and up. We dropped some expensive clothes off at one we had not used before and found they washed not dry cleaned, ruining the articles of expensive clothing.

Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 14Must Have Items Every Laundry Room Needs 15Does anyone or any home not have a lint roller? These are one of the best inventions of all time. Currently, I have a lint roller in each bathroom, the laundry room, and the kitchen and in my corporate days, in my desk and car. They remove lint, pet hair and dandruff from clothing but are also beneficial in cleaning up small messes. In fact, I had broken a light bulb and after sweeping, there were still small shards. The lint roller expertly grabbed the remaining shards making it easy to dispose of and protect my family.





I hope these help you know what items you need in your laundry repertoire that will ultimately save you time and money. Did I miss one you recommend? Let me know. I'd love to hear from you!



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