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Daily Habits Of Highly Successful People

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Daily Habits Of Highly Successful People 2Have you ever wondered what successful people do that's different? They start their day watch calm mornings and daily habits to initiate productivity. Here are their tips that will set you up with the same successful habits, should you choose to recreate them:




First Up

Successful people start their day early and being the first one up in their household. This allows them to calmly get up and start their day before chaos ensues.

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Avoid The Cell Phone

Initially starting their day, successful people avoid the stress of the cell phone and start several daily tasks prior to looking at the phone. If possible, they do not have a cell phone in the bedroom. Grabbing the phone first hijacks your day as well as your mental attitude going forward in the day.

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Take Time For Themselves

Successful people set aside some time before the start of the day to do things they like to put them in a balanced, calm mood. This can be reading, meditation, exercise or even music.

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Establish System

They make everything a habit. They start the day doing the same things in the same order repetitiously. Practicing the same steps in the same order ensure nothing is forgotten from the process.

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They set aside a few minutes to establish a tentative agenda for the day, determining what must be done that day and schedule them. They also limit this to what can absolutely be done so they feel like the day was a success. If there are too many tasks, what really needs to be done may go by the wayside not only completely throwing your day off and you behind but spread chaos through further days in your schedule. After checking email and texts they may tweak the agenda accordingly.

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Email & Text

After their regular routine is done, personal time complete and agenda squared away, then and only then do they look at email and texts. While they may be looking through all the emails and texts that came through since the last checking, they are only answering those that are critical.

Daily Habits Of Highly Successful People 8

Complete the Task

If there is a dreaded task they'd rather not do, they get this one out of the way first thing in the morning or it will consume their minds all day making them less productive.

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Quick Straighten

Prior to leaving the house, they straighten any waylaid items and do a quick clean up of the morning kitchen and bathroom routines. Besides completing their other tasks, coming home to a clean home makes them feel accomplished and productive and in a relaxed state.  Think about it...how do you feel when you've come home to a mess?

Daily Habits Of Highly Successful People 10

Meal Prep

While they make dinner and then clean up, they are also setting up anything needed for breakfast and packing a lunch for the next day. If you know the next day may be particularly busy, you can also prep the next nights' dinner for time-saving on that busy day.



I hope these have enlightened you to what highly successful people do in their day. Take the time to set up the same routine and see if it works for you and your family. If you do, be sure to comment. I love hearing from you!


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