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Foods Successful Keto Dieters Don’t Eat

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Foods Successful Keto Dieters Don't Eat 2Most successful keto dieters follow a strict keto plan, typically eating acceptable keto foods like avocado, butter, etc. There are a lot of other keto products out there, I call lazy keto items, but the majority of successful keto dieters don't eat them because they feel the risk to pull them out of ketosis is not worth it.  Here's the list of what most won't actually eat:

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For those with a sweet tooth, this may seem like a great thing but successful keto dieters steer clear of them for the most part. But what these dieters know is that a lot of artificial sweeteners may pull you out of ketosis. Additionally, those having done true keto for awhile find they no longer have cravings for sweets. Even dark chocolates that have lower carb counts run the risk of pulling you out of ketosis. Here are the Keto Supplements You May Want to Try.

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processed meats

So many people assume that the premise of keto is limitless meat all day. However, most successful keto dieters avoid processed meats such as breakfast sausages, hot dogs, etc. These items contain nitrites, which cooked become nitrosamines which are carcinogens. They are choosing grass-fed, organic meats. This is the best keto menu for beginners.

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refined oil

Keto dieters track their macronutrients, including those from fats. These are from fats like avocado, dairy, etc. While you can include canola oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil, etc for daily fat intake, most keto dieters know those from foods are the healthier option and will avoid refined oils. Read the Beginners Guide To The Keto Diet Simplified.

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fast food

Hop onto Instagram and you'll find some keto dieters who eat keto on the run because of busy lifestyles. You'll find the mass majority of successful keto dieters avoid fast food and resort to meal planning instead. Meal planning is cooking on say Sunday for example in a large amount for the week and then divided up to be grabbed easily. Another option is to utilize quick ready-to-eat options such as hard boiled eggs,  deli turkey, prosciutto, cheese (quality cheese not American), and some veggies. Read how you can Stay in Ketosis at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.


artificial protein

Protein may be an important component of your keto diet, however, successful keto dieters are not partaking in protein-enhanced products. A true keto dieter knows that real food is healthy food. Get started with this Keto Walmart Shopping Guide: How to Buy Keto Groceries.

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While some alcohols are keto friendly, clean keto dieters typically avoid alcohol altogether. They know that alcohol may pull you out of ketosis and prefer to maintain. Read What Alcohol You Can Drink On Keto.

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packaged foods

Because the keto diet is more popular than ever, there is an influx of processed foods claiming to be low carb. While they may be, some may also pull you out of ketosis. Some are not even actually low carb if you read the nutrition label. Stick to real food options. Check out What Can You Eat On A Keto Diet



If you are thinking about keto, really think about going the natural route of real foods and avoid processed convenience foods and snacks. If you are going to indulge, do your homework and learn how to read nutrition labels and you may want to track with keto strips to see if they pull you out of ketosis. 


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