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Keto Walmart Shopping Guide: How to Buy Keto Groceries

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Keto Walmart Shopping

Make your next keto Walmart run as simple and straightforward as possible with this helpful guide. Shopping keto foods at Walmart is great on your budget.  

The best way to control what you eat is to buy that food and prep it for yourself. It's a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant or having meals delivered anyway.  

However, you can really slash your grocery bill by shopping at Walmart and knowing what to buy. When you have your meals all worked out, you maximize convenience and stretch your dollars at the same time.  

So, let's get started.

Plan Your Meals


Keto Walmart There are a few things to consider when planning meals.  The first thing you should do is commit to when you will be preparing meals.

 Some people like to prep their meals in bulk and make things easier for the rest of the month.  

Others prefer to prep on a weekly basis. You may even have enough time to make your meals every day without advance prep.  

The important thing is deciding what is going to work best with your schedule because you need a viable plan that you can stick to.


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Once you have that all worked out, look through the Walmart weekly circular to find great deals on foods you want to buy, or make meals with.  

Look at fresh meats, deli deals, leafy greens, and other low carb vegetables.  Look for good prices on cheese, sour cream, and butter.


Once you have taken note of what is available at a great value, and come up with some ideas of your own, look for some great keto recipes that utilize the ingredients you have found.  

For example, here are 7 amazing chicken recipes to start with.  

Looking for something cheesy?  

Perfect! I have 20 cheesy recipes you need to know about.  Once you know what’s on sale and what you can make with it, it's time to make a shopping list.


Make A List


The first thing to do when you have your meals all picked out for the next week, or month, or whatever is list your needed ingredients in one easy place to reference.  

Personally, I like to categorize my list by item type based on the layout at Walmart.

That way I can be in and out quickly instead of running around zigging when I should be zagging.  

What that essentially looks like is a set of lists under different headings like Produce, Deli, Dairy, etc.

It may be faster or more convenient to just jot ingredients down as you go through the recipes and transpose them onto a workable shopping list later.  


While you add ingredients to your list, be careful not to duplicate items.  Keep it as simple as possible.

Once you have your list of ingredients down, check your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for anything you have on hand so you can cross those items off your list.  

Once you have accounted for ingredients you do not need to buy, you can write down a final shopping list.

If you are not going to the store, a categorized list is not as important, because when you shop online navigating around the store is much easier.

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Shop Online


Shopping online has huge advantages.  

Using the store pick up option, means somebody else does all the really hard work for you.  

They'll even load your car for you. If you have this option near you, I recommend giving it a try, especially if you have a very busy schedule.


An added benefit to shopping online is keyword searches.  

You can type keto into the search bar and get keto related suggestions from recipe books to keto friendly food items and supplements.  

When you shop online you can plow through your list in no time and then pick up your groceries at your local store pickup.


One more reason shopping online can be better is that it limits your impulse buying because you search for the specific items you need rather than walking by several marketing displays.  

You don't want to be tempted to buy anything you aren't already planning on using, especially if it's not good for keto.


How to Shop Keto at Walmart


When you do decide to go into Walmart to do your own shopping there are some tips to bear in mind.

Some reasons you might choose to do your shopping in the store are because you like to personally select your own produce, or you want to be more in control of substitutions if your item is out of stock.

That's totally valid.  You can still save time and money and walk out happy. Here are my Walmart survival tips:


Walmart App


The Walmart app really streamlines the shopping experience.

 I mentioned writing down a stoppable list broken down into categories, but you can also do this on the app.  

You create your list in the app and Walmart helps you find what you are looking for.

In addition to the list feature the Walmart app checks prices and compares with local retailers.  

If someone else is selling your items for less, Walmart issues a gift card for the difference.

Another cool feature of the app is that you can pay with your phone.  It also makes reordering items easier by tracking what you by.


Store Layout


All Walmarts have a pretty similar structure to their layout.  

Produce is in the front with the keto friendly veggies lining that first row or aisle.  

The Deli is your friend, so head on over there to get cuts of your favorite meats and cheeses.  

Next is usually the bakery, which you can skip and the frozen desserts, which include ice cream and pies.  Not great for keto.

Frozen vegetables are great, but there is not a lot of other freezer food that is any help on keto.  You might get lucky with a breakfast bowl, but you can skip this section without too much worry.

As a matter of fact, most of those inside aisles are bad news.  

You don't need rice or pasta, Don't need oatmeal or tortilla chips. The baking aisle is not helpful except for oil. Virtually everything in the aisles is carb heavy.

Exceptions are, of course, herbs and spices, oil, vinegar, coffee, and keto friendly sauces and dressings.

Mustard, not ketchup, etc.

After the bakery, you come to the meats, followed by the cheeses and various dairy.  

Stick to the perimeter of the grocery area and you can cover almost everything you need in a very limited time.


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