Healthier Snacking with SuperFat Nut Butters and Cookies 1
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Healthier Snacking with SuperFat Nut Butters and Cookies

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You CAN have sweet treats on keto with SuperFat!

Focused on your health or weight loss goal but still want things like nut butters and cookies?  You’ll definitely want to try these SuperFat Nut Butters and Cookies!



WOW! These Superfat Nut Butters and Cookies are heavenly and a definite favorite snack! The flavors are on point, and low carb. Keto win!These are simply delicious!!, perfect size, 3 net carbs and no added sugar, plus it's resealable!, it's perfect for my keto lifestyle, also they use great ingredients, so what's not to love? you can take them with you wherever you go!, gym, errands, have it as a snack or desert, the possibilities are endless!. I've mixed them with my iced coffee, shakes, pancakes and even as a substitute for peanut butter and jelly, or just by itself as a quick and nutritious pick me up.
Will definitely be buying more!- Amazon Reviewer


I have a sweet tooth, these are the best Keto friendly cookies I found so far! They tastes great, the texture is not sandy nor does it has strong peanut butter taste, it really tastes like regular store bought chocolate chips cookies (similar to Toll House Cookies) It has high fat content which helps me to reach my fat target because I eat mostly white meat and eggs. -Amazon Reviewer


Satisfy your sweet tooth with SuperFat!

SuperFat Nut Butters and Cookies come in a variety of flavors! They’re low in calories, have 2-5 net carbs per serving and have no junk, no fillers, no added sugar... and no palm oil!


"SuperFat nut butters are amazing!

I use them post workouts and during the game. I take them everywhere!"Caleb Frare, Chicago WhiteSox


SuperFat is Brain Fuel & a Metabolism Booster

Adding SuperFat nut butters to your day adds the power of fat-based energy. SuperFat nut butters are packed with plant-based fats that are instrumental in controlling weight, metabolism, and healthy brain function.






Healthier Snacking with SuperFat Nut Butters and Cookies 2

What did we think? We loved all of the SuperFat Nut butters and cookies we tried. We will absolutely continue to order them!



Be sure to check out all of the SuperFat nut butters and keto cookies!




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