Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

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Looking the perfect gift for your dog or cat? We've got you covered from treats to furzappers, here are the top gifts for your pets and your sanity.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets



Healthybud provides tailored, purposeful nutrition for pets, while making pet care simpler for pet owners. The three founders, Adrien, Dana & Kyle, were inspired to create this pet wellness movement after recognizing the astounding lack of transparency, regulation and accessible education in the pet space.

Healthybud’s mission is aimed at counteracting corporate disinformation and the animal illness it causes; which includes helping owners better understand their pets needs while making transparent alternative health products available globally.

Healthybud has created their own research-backed, functional and nutritious treats to support overall pet health. Their newest premium product is called the Gut Booster, designed alongside animal nutritionists and agronomists, the product includes purposeful ingredients as well as prebiotics and natural digestive enzymes to enhance overall gut health in pets! 


The best love is the best food, and the best food should be available to ALL furry friends. Small and large, purebred and mixed, stray and rescue. We celebrate the incredible bond between human and pet. It’s why we’re called “I and love and you”. We get it.  We are pet parents too—the type who match outfits with them, give them social media accounts, talk in their voices and bring their personalities to life, give up our beds to them, and stay home on Friday nights with them. Because love.
We started small, in a pet food store in Boulder, Colorado, creating raw food for pets before real, whole, healthy pet food was a thing. We quickly recognized that there were people like us everywhere, who wanted better food with real meat and real ingredients. Food our pets were meant to eat, and deserve to eat. So it became our passion to make truly high quality pet food accessible for all. We’re still independent and employee-owned, but our dream has grown into a mission: to help all pets live happier, healthier lives. Yeah, we’re obsessed; just living up to our name. It’s not crazy, it’s love.  It’s “I and love and you"

gift ideas for pets

Pet owners love their animals, but no one loves the fur they leave behind! FurZapper is an easy solution to removing pet hair from blankets, clothes, pet bedding and more.  Just toss it into the washer and dryer with your laundry and let it work its magic. This tacky, flexible disc is just sticky enough to gently collect and pull fur, hair, dust and debris from items as they tumble through the cycles. It's non-toxic, re-usable, hypoallergenic and 100% made in the USA.  So, if you’re tired of washing and drying your clothes and still having pet hair all over, try FurZapper!


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