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5 Overlooked Pet Dangers In Your Own Yard

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5 Overlooked Pet Dangers In Your Own Yard 2We all want to be sure our pets, often considered a part of the family, is safe. When you think of their safety, are you considering what is in your home and yard and whether it is safe? There are so many hidden dangers that I wanted to make you aware of them to be sure you are keeping your family safe. Here's my list of items to watch for (if I miss any, be sure to let me know):


I think plants within your house and garden are probably the most dangerous because we often don't think of them as a danger. Many of the commonly found plant types are toxic to animals. This toxicity can lead to debilitating symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, or even worse, death. Azaleas are extremely popular due to their beautiful floral presence and possibly cause blindness. Determine what plants you have around your home and yard and use the list provided at the ASPCA to see what plants you have that are dangerous. Other commonly grown plants are those found in your garden and also pose a threat. This doesn't mean you cannot have a garden or plants. They just cannot be accessible by your pets.

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First off, mulch can be a choking hazard for dogs that like to chew. It can also scratch their throats on the way down. Now, you may are may not be aware but there are, in fact, toxic mulches. They could be treated with a toxin for color, etc. Additionally, there are some types of cocoa mulch used that contain theobromine and caffeine, both dangerous to pets. While they may not die, do you want to see them suffer from the symptoms associated with ingestion of the cocoa mulch: vomiting, increased heart rate, tremors, and seizures associated with cocoa mulch?

5 Overlooked Pet Dangers In Your Own Yard 4

lawn fertilizers

Lawn fertilizers expose your pets to these chemicals can increase your pet’s risk of bladder cancer. They also stay on the lawn at least 48 hours, maybe longer. I avoid treating my lawn because I do not want to expose my pets to the risk. If you must fertilize, keep your pet's exposure limited after treating the lawn or take them for a walk.

5 Overlooked Pet Dangers In Your Own Yard 5

physical hazards

People often forget the physical hazards such as fencing and twigs. You love playing fetch with sticks and your dog and heck, even the dog will just grab a stick and throw it with his jaw and run and get it but these are an overlooked hazard.  Pieces break off and splinters dislodge from the twig and branch getting stuck your pets mouth and/or esophagus and even cut their stomach lining and intestines.

5 Overlooked Pet Dangers In Your Own Yard 6


We all dislike rodents or any type of pests in our yards and home but the poisons for them may just be poison for your pet as well. It can give your pet side-effects such as diarrhea, tremors, and respiratory failure. Stop and think before you use if its something your pet may get into.

These are the often overlooked things that may cause death or illness for your pets. Have I missed any? Comment because I will want to be sure and add it. 




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