Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 1
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Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do

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cleaning regularlyThere are several items that people are NOT cleaning as often as they should. This can easily spread illnesses so it's time to change up our cleaning routines now. Take a look at these and see where you fall:

Cleaning these More Often Will Help Avoid Illness



Lightswitches are something we touch every day but we are not conscious of. We definitely take them for granted. Most of us turn them on as we enter a room and off when we leave. While this cuts down on the utility bill, it also causes germs to spread. If you live in a household with many people, then there's an increased chance your light switches are germ farms. If many coworkers do this in the office, then you increase the chance of catching something exponentially! Light switches are one of the most contaminated items people touch.


What to do: At least once a week, wipe down your light switches. This is part of my regular routine. I have a designated area (s) that I touch upon each day and one day is wiping down the light switches. I have this on my list because of the fact that we do take them for granted often forgetting them. Personally, I also spray mine with Lysol after I wipe them down. When going into a public place and you need to turn a light on, attempt to do so with your elbow, minimizing your hands exposed because we touch our faces with our hands.


Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 2





Studies have shown that toothbrushes have fecal matter due to the fact of open storing within the bathroom and they say the fecal matter is spread upon flushing of the toilet.


What to do: First, don't store it out in the open. Store toothbrushes where they are not touching, storing it so it can air-dry.  If you store it closed immediately after brushing while wet, then it allows growth of bacteria.

Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 3



We transfer more germs by touching other objects and other people as well as ourselves, and many people, are not washing their hands enough, if at all.


What to do: We need to be more conscious of hand washing and doing it not just after the bathroom but before and after touching food,  activities, even after waking up.

Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 4

Toilet Brush


The problem with the toilet brush isn't what you think. It's not necessarily the brush part but more about the handle and the container it sits in.


What to do: Disinfect all areas of the bathroom, including the entire toilet brush, the container as well as the toilet plunger.   Many have switched to disposable toilet brushes for the cleanliness.

Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 5

remote controls


Just like light switches, we frequently handle remote controls without a thought about germs. So, the more it's touched and by more people, the more illness it spreads. In fact, through studies, they've found your remote controls harbored more germs than many other items.


What to do: A simple antibacterial wipe once a week unless there is an illness in the home in which case you may need more.

Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 6



Think about it, not only have you cleaned up whatever the mess was with the mop, but we allow it to sit and breed in its wetness. Then when you go to get the mop again, you are spreading it throughout the home.


What to do: Switch to a mop with a removable head that can be washed in the washing machine.

Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 7


Oh the sponge...so many people have already heard these spread germs but they continue to use them.


What to do: First and foremost, I recommend you stop using them. Rags or washcloths can be thrown in the washer in order to cut any bacteria.

Everyday Items You are Not Cleaning Often Enough & What to Do 8



You use a dishcloth to wipe the counters of debris, grease, after food such as chicken counter and usually stays wet for a long period of time allowing the bacteria to breed further.


What to do: Wash out dishcloths after each clean of the kitchen and placed in an area where they will be fully washed later.  I throw mine in my laundry room sink.  At one time or another, we all forget a load of laundry in the washer. Try not to do this with any sort of towels and cloths due to bacteria.


I hope this list helps you be aware of where you need to increase cleaning. Figure out when it works for your schedule. I work on certain areas daily to make it more manageable. See my schedule of days below. And read these cleaning mistakes that actually make your home dirtier. Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you!



Monday: Bathrooms

Tuesday: Dusting

Wednesday: vacuuming

Thursday: Wash Floors

Friday: Finish up anything missed through the week.

Saturday: Wash Sheets & Towels

Sunday: For me, Sunday is a day of rest of sorts. I only clean whatever mess is made that day such as from cooking, clutter, etc.


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