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Hollywood Studios Keto Friendly Restaurants in Disney World

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These tips to stay Keto at Disney's Hollywood Studios are THE BEST! I am so happy I found these GREAT Disney's Hollywood Studios keto tips! Now I have great ways to stay Keto. So pinning!Ah, the "Hollywood that Never Was...and always will be." such are the words inscribed on the dedication to this ever-changing theme park.  

Disney's Hollywood Studios began as a fictionalized idealization of Hollywood infused with backlot sets, soundstages and a functioning studio complete with tram tour.

The vision has not crystallized after nearly thirty years and what exists now is a strange and exciting place, that is different from any other Disney Theme park.

One of those differences is in the food.  There are fewer options for dining, but some of the restaurants they do have are among the most famous in Disney World.

Given that the subject of this park is Hollywood, I expected a variety of Hollywood Studios Keto options.  There turned out to be very few, but I did make some great discoveries to share.


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The Best Hollywood Studios Keto Friendly Table Service


In most cases, I always recommend the buffets for Keto just because there is a lot of food and you control the selection.  

Most buffets turn out to be character meals, but Hollywood and Vine are especially kid-focused.

That may work for or against you for reasons that have nothing to do with Keto.  

Strictly in terms of keto, however, I would recommend two other, far more popular restaurants instead.

These mid-range eateries are like the Crown Jewels of Hollywood Studios restaurants.  They are the 50's Prime Time Cafe and the Sci-Fi Dine in Theater.

I realize The Hollywood Brown Derby is a top-notch signature restaurant, but it is not the best place for Keto.

At 50's Prime Time Cafe, you will find more options on the menu that will not require any substitutions.

 At the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater, you will need to make some changes to make a keto friendly meal, but it's still one of the two best options available in this park.

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The Best Hollywood Studios Keto Friendly Counter Service Restaurants


Hollywood Studios is the place to go for a footlong hotdog.  You can get a regular size one, too. The footlong is easiest to get to.  

It's at Dockside Diner near the center of the park.

You can also get a hot dog at the end of Sunset Boulevard by Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster.

Also on Sunset is a Farmers Market with a variety of customizable menu options.

 The Angus Burger at Rosie's All American Cafe in this little section is the best pick.  

There is also a Starbucks right where Sunset meets Hollywood. This is the go-to spot for your favorite custom coffee or tea drink.

Don't pass this up because it's the only place you can really treat yourself to a beverage.

To the left of the Chinese theater is Commissary Lane where you will find the ABC Commissary.  

 This along with the Backlot Express on Grand Avenue are the two best quick service locations to enjoy a real meal when you do Hollywood Studios Keto style.

Try the Lemon Pepper Salmon with green beans instead of couscous at Commissary Lane, or the Caprese Sandwich with carrots and of course, no bun.

Backlot Express also serves Angus Burgers, Hotdogs, and Salads.


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