Discount Disney World Ticket Buying Tips and Advice 1
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Discount Disney World Ticket Buying Tips and Advice

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Disney World park admission is expensive and the prices are going up all the time.  It used to be, in some cases, that you could buy an annual pass for somebody in your group and save money.  This plan used pass holder discounts and savings opportunities to overcompensate for the initial up-sell. This strategy no longer works as the cost has skyrocketed.  There are still ways to get a discount Disney World ticket, and they are not complicated either. Follow these tips to get the best price on park admission.

Discount Disney World Ticket Buying Tips and Advice 2

Qualifying Discounts

Discount Disney World Ticket Buying Tips and Advice 3First of all, you don't need to look that far to find qualifying discounts.  If you are a Florida resident, you are in luck. You also qualify for a discount Disney World ticket if you are in the Military.

Sometimes you can access discount Disney World tickets through your place of employment.  They are made available to some businesses so their employees can purchase the tickets at a lower cost.

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Discount Disney World Ticket Sites

If by chance you don't qualify for any of the above discounts.  There are plenty of legitimate websites that everyone has access to.  These sites provide single and multi-day tickets as well as special prices on packaged bundles.  For discount Disney World ticket purchases, make sure you go to a trusted source. Some of the best-known sources are Park Savers, Get Away Today, Official Ticket Center, and Undercover Tourist.

Visit these sites to shop and compare prices on individual tickets, or packages to make sure you are getting the best deal.  Buying your tickets in advance entitles you to early Fastpass+ selections, so don't wait until the last minute.

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Ticket Purchasing Tips

When you are shopping for various discount Disney World ticket options consider the value of Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus add-ons.  Park Hoppers allow you to visit multiple parks in one day at a higher price than single park tickets. Park Hopper Plus includes the water parks in that mix.  The thing to remember is that getting to and from the parks, not to mention getting through security is a big to-do. It might be worth it if you have a very short trip and want to at least set foot in each park.  However, in most cases, you should pocket the extra cost and just go with the single park tickets.

The cost of tickets actually goes down with each additional day you purchase.  If you have the option, that is if your discount doesn't come as a predetermined package, you should play around with a few options based on your available days to determine what is the best value.  While you plot your days, remember you are likely to need a little time off from the parks. Think twice before buying admission tickets that match the number of days you will be there.

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