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Top 5 Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom

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Top 5 Best Photo Spots in Magic Kingdom 1Magic Kingdom Picture Spots for Taking the Best Photos

In the magical realm of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom, everything is more alive, more colorful and those picturesque moments translate so well on camera. Some of the best souvenirs from your Disney World vacation will be the pictures you take, especially if you have Memory Maker. While the whole park creates a beautiful scene after a beautiful scene, there are some special locations that are officially recognized by Nikon, the camera company that sponsors them. Keep on the lookout for specially marked locations like these Magic Kingdom picture spots; and before you go, make sure you look at what to pack for your Disney World vacation.

The Sword in the Stone

This is a big moment to stage with your little ones and have them try to pull up the sword. This location is in the Castle courtyard, but you can also get tremendous photos incorporating the castle from virtually any place that surrounds it.

Splash Mountain

One of the best types of photos to take are those that have a remarkable attraction in the background, especially if the attraction bears some significant meaning. Splash Mountain is one of the most picturesque facades of any attraction in the Magic Kingdom. The Little Mermaid attraction in New Fantasyland and the Beast's castle above Be Our Guest are also great picture spots.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Probably the #1 Picture Spot, at least according to Nikon is Big Thunder. There is a specific spot for the perfect picture. The sign also shows you how to frame it. However, the area is so broad and intricately themed that you can take a fabulous shot just about anywhere around the attraction.

Tiki Statues

This is an unusual picture spot, but it really does make for some great photos. It's a great place to take kids and they will enjoy getting soaked. Get in a well-timed shot while they are just playing and you will have a cherished memory for life. There is another splash area for kids to cool down and play in the Storybook Circus section of Fantasyland. It's a fun Casey Jr. themed playground, but not an official Nikon selection and not quite as thematically satisfying.

Tangled Restrooms

This is one section of the park that continues to impress guests. That's probably because it's a good place to stop and take a rest. So, it's nice that so much detail has gone into the area. People like to take Selfies here and there are a lot of good backgrounds to capture, including the atmospheric lights and the iconic tower.

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  • Jeanine

    It’s funny that you mention the restrooms. I thought they were very picturesque as well- especially for bathrooms! Guess that’s part of the “magic”!

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