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Show Your Valentine You Care Every Day

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Show Your Valentine You Care Every Day 2Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  It means something different to everybody.  For some, it is the time for a grand romantic gesture, and for others, it's another expense at the grocery store.  However you look at the holiday, a healthy relationship needs more than just one time a year to reconnect and express your feelings.  That's why it is so important to find little ways to show your affection every day.  If you want to keep the romance alive in your relationship, start with the simple desire to show you care.  These are some essentially free ways to stay connected with your valentine and let them know what they mean to you.

Show Your Valentine You Care Every Day 3Help Your Valentine with Dinner

Whether you cook dinner yourself or help prep it the gesture will not go unnoticed.  Couples don't always get along in the kitchen, but sometimes they are able to bond and have a really great time.  If it's not for you, try something else like doing the dishes after.  Whether you do the cooking or the cleaning they'll appreciate it.  If you don't usually have homemade meals at home, the offer to cook is an even more significant gesture.  Of course, if you often do, you might offer to order out, or go out instead.

Take a Moment for Pampering

Who doesn't love a neck, or shoulder massage, or getting their hair brushed?  How about a foot rub?  If you like to watch tv or movies as a couple, don't just zone out in front of the screen.  Do something physical that will make your valentine more relaxed.  Don't think romance, though.  Just think pampering.  Make them as comfortable as you can.  Offer to get them anything they need, or even better, anticipate what would make them happiest and surprise them.

Show Your Valentine You Care Every Day 4Subtle Gestures of Affection

The best way to stay connected with someone you love is to literally connect by reaching out to squeeze a hand or offer an embrace.  You don't have to make big dramatic PDA's, but you can slyly signify you care, just by simply touching.  Especially after spending a day apart it is important to reconnect with a hug and a kiss.  You can never do this too often, and as long as you do this one thing you will be showing you care.

Be Complimentary

For some people physical connection is easy and others need to work harder at it.  In the same way, verbal communication is so important to keeping a relationship healthy.  If this is something that comes a little harder to you, try to train yourself to say what is on your mind more often, especially if you are thinking something complimentary.  A compliment is a gift to both partners.  The person who thinks the compliment is gifted with something beautiful to say, and when they say it, the receiver of the compliment gets that gift.  Everybody wins!

Show Your Valentine You Care Every Day 5Take on Small Tasks Without Being Asked

This can be a really hard habit to get into, but it's worth training yourself to think this way.  Think about your partner and what they want and feel.  The best way to do that is to put yourself in their shoes and do it often.  If you want to know what you can do for your valentine in everyday life to let them know you appreciate them.  Do simple things that will help them without waiting for them to ask for it.  You might make their coffee in the morning if you are not a coffee drinker, or you might make their side of the bed if you have different schedules.  Maybe you could wash the car and fill up the tank.  Do something mildly annoying that they expect to do themselves so that they can be surprised when it is done for them.

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