Disney Packing List + Printable: How to prepare for Walt Disney World

disney packing list

Plan ahead and pack smart with this Disney packing list and printable.  It’s so easy to be prepared at Disney World. Know what to pack and what to leave behind to dramatically improve your vacation.  The printable included with this post contains three categories of what to pack: Clothing, Necessities, and Extras.


Packing your clothes is not as simple as simply bringing a t shirt for each day and the appropriate amount of underwear and socks.

 There is much more to packing clothes and it can be very easy to forget some of them. Thankfully you have this Disney packing list.

 For example, comfortable shoes are a must. depending on the footwear you regularly have on, you may need to pack a pair in your luggage.  

You should also remember swimwear. Even if you think you won’t need it, you don’t want to be without it.

A waterproof coat is also a smart move when traveling to Florida.



This is the big one and why you should have Disney packing list printable handy while you are packing.  

There are several necessities to keep track of and account for.

To begin you should have a safe place for all of your documented confirmations, tickets, maps, etc.  You also need your photo ID.

Among the other things you will need are hand sanitizer and pain medication, toiletries and bandages.

You should also pack weather related items like ponchos, sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm.  

Don’t forget to bring along cash, as well as your MagicBand and phone charger.



The term extras is misleading here, because it can be the difference, between comfort and irritation.  

Some things you really ought to bring along area plugs, face masks, and a neck pillow.

You should also bring an iPad and some games.  

The Airline probably has an app that will make travel easier on you, too.

You should also bring zipper seal bags, a waterproof bag, and laundry supplies ranging from a stain removal pen to detergent, depending on your length of stay.  

Don’t forget to bring your autograph book, Mickey Ears and trading pins as well!


disney packing list2



Everything to prepare your family for Disney with this packing list.

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