Galaxy’s Edge aka Disney’s Star Wars Land Update

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pre galaxy's edge Star Wars at DisneylandGalaxy’s Edge aka Star Wars Land is opening at the Disneyland Resort in less than one year.  The same land in Disney World will open soon after. In Disneyland, this will leave a void in Tomorrowland which has become predominantly Star Wars themed.   Instead, the franchise finally gets its own home right at the nexus between Frontierland and Fantasyland.


The Setting for Galaxy’s Edge

STAR WARS Galaxy's EdgeThe tale of “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” (or “once upon a time in a far away land”) is as much an extension of the Disney family as Galaxy’s Edge is somewhat of an extension of Fantasyland.  

In Florida, the land takes on a different tone as part of the new generation of Hollywood Studios attractions aimed at placing guests within movie worlds, rather than behind the scenes.

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Galaxy’s Edge aka Disney’s Star Wars Land Update

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A New Disney Experience


Guests in either version will find themselves transported to the same galactic outpost at the edge of civilization.  

In this sci-fi frontier, there will be a new level of interaction, not yet experienced in any theme park.

In Disney World, where MagicBands are used to tailor an experience to individual visitors, this seems like a logical next step, but Disneyland does not use MagicBands, so how this will be accomplished exactly remains to be seen.

One aspect of how an individuals’ choices will impact their experience was recently revealed in a Solo Blu-ray bonus feature.  

The attraction which allows guests to fly the Millennium Falcon will place riders in various positions with jobs to do.

It will be an attraction similar to Mission Space, but the pods will carry 6 passengers, and you can expect them to look like the cockpit of the famed spaceship.  

According to the 13-minute segment, the ride is a mission to procure treasure and a battle will inevitably ensue.

How well you do on this mission affects your treatment throughout Galaxy’s Edge.  

You may go to the Cantina, only to be warned that there is a price on your head.

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New Star Wars Attractions


Other details about the Millennium Falcon attraction are that there will be 7 sets of 6 person pods operating at a time.  

The overall ride experience seems like an upgraded cutting edge version of mission space.

Although, likely it will be less intense for the youngest Star Wars fans.  

The Millennium Falcon is not the only ride coming to Star Wars Land.

Battle Escape is the most intriguing operation with little known about it other than it’s never before seen technology.  

The attraction will have twice as many animatronics as Pirates of the Caribbean but have a ride capacity of roughly half of Pirates of the Caribbean.

There is a persistent rumor that at one point guests will even exit their vehicle during the ride.


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