8 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks You’ll Want To Try

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Truth be told, the dollar store is one of my favorite stores. Whether it is Family Dollar in  Greenville SC or Florida, your nearest family dollar has great stuff! No, I am not a super cheap person either. But why would you pay full price for everyday items that you can get for cheap?! They have many amazing items for your home, crafts, and so much more from the dollar store. And everything is just a dollar.

Whether you are looking for cleaning items, something for a DIY project, or even a book, the one dollar store near me is my first stop! Whatever your need, you’ll probably find it at the dollar store.

In this post, I’ve compiled some of the best tips I found from a variety of sources and put them all here so you don’t have to do the work! For each great tip, I give the link to the full tutorial and once you go you’ll find even more great ideas!


51 Mind-Blowing Dollar Store Organizing Ideas

Space and organization is an issue. Even if you have a larger home, you’ll want to be organized. I really love this idea because it isn’t just an organizer but a place to cool your dryer, hair straighteners or curling irons. I have yet to try this idea but I am anxious to.

Take a look at all the other great ideas on the post 51 Mind-Blowing Dollar Store Organizing Ideas!

Organize Your Kitchen With One Trip to The Dollar Store

I really love this idea. First, it’s actually cute and as I’ve said a million times if you read my blog, I love to be organized. The kitchen is the first to be organized for me since we really utilize a kitchen on the daily.  I also like the fact that it’s very uniform and visually appealing.  If you want to spice up your pantry – check out the tutorial.

Check out more great ideas here!

29 Dollar Store Finds That Will Keep Your Kids Busy 

Those with children will love all these ideas to keep them occupied. Best part, these are super cheap and simple. I love this tic tac toe and you can check out the tutorial here.

Loads of other projects can be found here!

26 Useful Dollar-Store Finds Every Parent Should Know About

Organization and keeping a schedule is important for all families. With schedules of parents and kids, a command center is the best way to stay on top of all those schedules and things you need to remember. Find the tutorial to create a command center here.

Check out the rest of Buzzfeed’s great family post here!

41 Dollar Store Hacks Every Parent Should Know About

This is a great idea that I too use! Dollar Tree has the bags in the birthday/craft section. Fill with dryer scented beads like Downy Unstoppables.

Find more awesome ideas here!

19 Super Cute Dollar Store DIYs That Will Complete Your Bedroom

Serious style! All from a dollar store trash can! Simply spray paint and flip it over. Makes a great side table or nightstand.  You can find the tutorial here.

Check out more DIYs from Buzzfeed here!

31 Ways You Can Reorganize Your Life With Dollar Store Stuff

Another stylish yet useful organizational DIY! This one is also super simple! This simple tutorial tells you all you need to know. Organizing your home will be easier, thanks to dollar tree.

Take a look at more simple ideas here!

What to Buy at the Dollar Tree Store to Save You Money

This awesome blogger fills you in on what to buy to save you money and what to skip so you don’t waste even a dollar. Like I said the dollar store is my first stop before anywhere else!

Honestly, they often even carry name brands!  Everything from medications to dish soap can be found at dollar tree!





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