21 Jewelry Organizers That Will Make Your Life Easier

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This is why you should DIY jewelry organizers. I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of jewelry. Great jewelry.

And I wear the same jewelry every day.

Why? Because it is organized, but in a bin so I have to dig everything out in order to figure out what to wear!

My next project will be organizing my jewelry in a way that it is displayed so that it is easier to get to.

I want to be able to simply go look and grab what I want without digging or untangling.

Is that so much to ask?

You know I am all about organization and everything is in its place!

So, I’ve looked high and low. And in my research, I found some really great ideas for jewelry organizers and have compiled them here to help others who have the same dilemma.

There are some I chose not to include. If it didn’t hang necklaces to keep them from knotting, I won’t use it.

Whether your budget is big or small, I’ve got ideas for EVERYONE! I am undecided which to choose at this point, so you all help me decide by telling me your favorite jewelry organizers on this list!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Thread Organizer Becomes Jewelry Organizer

This is probably my favorite so far because of the amount of jewelry it will cover.

And it’s simplicity. I mean your just hanging up a thread sorter!

I love that it will hold rings, bracelets, and necklaces so I am not searching for many different things to hang and hold the jewlry.

However, I am not in love with the appearance. So I’ll be thinking about how I might jazz it up!

I think the easiest bet would be to spray paint it.

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DIY Jewelry Cigar Box

This is great for people who don’t have a large amount. It wouldn’t work for me but might for others.

And it’s beautiful.

I’d consider making this and giving as a gift. My daughter has very little jewelry because she doesn’t like to wear it often and she’s a minimalist so she may enjoy it.

Curtain Rod Turned Jewelry Organizer

This is one I really like.

It will hold a lot and it’s something I can hang myself because I would use command hooks and a rod that matches.

I like doing for myself. How about you?

Crystal-Topped Jewelry Box

This is stunning!

While it wouldn’t work for me as far as storage, I would use it for what I take off at the end of the day and place it before putting away.

This could have so many uses though! If it’s a plain, empty box inside, then you could store makeup.

Or on a nightstand to hold remotes…

Rustic Jewelry Organizer

The rustic, farmhouse look is so in right now.

This would appeal to many of my readers that like that rustic, farmhouse look but adds a girly touch with pretty knobs.

DIY Jewelry Stand

I am all about an easy DIY!

This is simply terra cotta pots in varying sizes, painted and glues into a tier.

I’ve also seen pretty plates and candlesticks glued together (think Dollar Tree!)

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Earring Holder

While I personally don’t have a lot of earrings, I do like this.

And it’s super simple enough that I could accomplish it without help.

DIY Gold Leaf Trinket Holder

This is also gorgeous and I could see it adorning a nightstand for what you take off at the end of the day.

Easy Hanger Turned Jewelry Organizer

Well, here we go with a sort of shabby chic look.

This one would be super simple for someone who likes this look.

Thread Rack Jewelry Organizer

This one is cute and seems relatively easy.

Would fit in with most decor styles.

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DIY Jewelry Organizer

This is simply a painted board with cup hooks.

I am not sure you can get any easier than this.

Except maybe the one that’s the hanger?

Framed Organizer

This one appeals to my design sense. I like a pop and am personally not one for the rustic, farmhouse or shabby chic.

Jewelry Holder from a Cutlery Tray

This one is fairly easy and if you watch yard sales or dollar tree you could snatch a cutlery tray on the cheap!

Decorative Jewelry Holder

Similar to the framed organizer above, right?

Adorned with some pretty knobs adds some more storage.

Diy Pebble Jewelry Hanger

This may not be a favorite of mine but certainly is with my readers!

This is the most pinned image on this post!

Rustic Rake Jewelry Organizer

Another one for the farmouse, rustac, shabby chic folks.

Jewelry Blocks

Minimalist in look but requires a little more effort than most.

Wooden Pallets Jewelry Organizers

As you can see, if you like the rustic, farmhouse look and want organization on the cheap, this might just be what you are looking for!

Click the link to see in greater detail if these jewelry organizers appeal to you.

DIY Jewelry Storage

I love that this is not only decoraive but hidden storage as well.

If your husband (or you) is super handy, then you could even make one to go in between the studs for a built in.

Easy Jewelry Organizer

Last but not least, for those that are not handy or crafty (like me), this is a route you could take (I think I’ll be doing the curtain rods with command hooks).


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  1. Karen Harrill wrote:

    Love your ideas. I also have a huge collection of fashion jewelry and finally resorted to plastic bins and ziplock bags. For the larger bib necklaces or long multi strand beaded pieces – a sandwich bag fits the necklace easily. I use smaller craft store zip bags (2” x 3”) to keep the earrings, bracelets, pins or hair clips that best match the necklace organized – and the little bags are added to the necklace bag.

    I have these in snap lock plastic stacking bins so I can quickly find the teal or purple or shiny gold or colored pearl strand I want. The empty baggies for today’s look are placed in my nightstand drawer – so I can have it ready when I remove the set at bedtime.

    In getting this organized the first time – I set aside orphan earrings, bracelets that needed to be restrung (the stretch cord was no longer elastic) and items needing the clasp repaired. These are slowly getting repaired or being turned into new designs as time permits.

    I am definitely wearing a larger variety of what has accumulated over 40 years and am even changing up my rings (wedding ring is constant…but others are finding a day in the sun on my right hand).

    Posted 1.26.18 Reply


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