Best Christmas Movies on Netflix This Christmas

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Best Christmas Movies on Netflix This Christmas – Knock your holiday movie watching out of the park this year with these absolutely phenomenal Christmas Movies on Netflix. These Netflix movies for Christmas are romantic, funny and are a perfect fit for anyone looking forward to holiday movie watching. Whether funny, punny, or sentimental, we’ve got you covered!


Christmas Movies on Netflix



If you know me, you know that I am known for being Mrs. Christmas and watching allll the Christmas movies when Christmas nears. However, this will be my first blog post on my favorite Christmas movies on Netflix. Definitely the most fun post! Of course, to do so, I must watch allll the Christmas movies, right? I love to pretend I am snowed in, can’t get out, snuggle in and have Christmas treats while I settle in to watch all things Christmas (except Christmas horror movies). There are always some amazing movies on Netflix, however, this year they have stepped up their Christmas game with many new options as well as some classics. Everyday new movies are added so be sure to keep an eye out!

Here we go!


Best Christmas Movies on Netflix This Christmas

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix This Christmas 1

The Christmas Chronicles

I actually was given the opportunity to watch this one early through a media connection for a sponsored post I was doing. A lot of movies don’t pull me all the way in. I might be working at the same time or have a phone in hand. Not with this one. This movie is a must see and will undoubtedly become a Christmas Classic!

The movie is about a brother and sister struggling after the loss of their Dad who set out to catch Santa on video yet end up stowing away on Santa’s sleigh. They seem to help Santa save Christmas but it is all a plan by Santa to get Teddy to believe once again not only in Christmas and Santa but believe in himself as well.

Since my first watch for my original post, I have probably seen this another 5-7 times because this has become a favorite for the kids who keep selecting it on Netflix. I am happy to watch it each and every time! If you only watch one family movie this season, make it THIS one!

The Christmas Chronicles 2

With the popularity of Christmas Chronicles for myself and my family, I will undoubtedly be watching (I am actually counting the days until release!).

Unhappy over her mom’s new relationship, a now-teenage Kate runs away and lands at the North Pole, where a naughty elf is plotting to cancel Christmas.

Dash & Lily

It started as a game, but the more they write the more they fall in love. Can two people who are perfect on paper connect in real life?



All they want is someone to drunk-mock strangers with on the holidays. No pressure. No romance. No chance it’ll lead to love.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas

If you don’t know about this movie, do you even watch movies or celebrate Christmas lol? This is a classic that kids and adults both enjoy. In this epic version, Jim Carrey plays the role of the Grinch. Having been an outcast since childhood, the Grinch is angry and set to ruin everyone’s Christmas. That is, of course, until Cindy Lou Who steals his heart.

The Holiday Calendar

New to Netflix this year, this one is similar to another movie where a grandmother mysteriously sends the granddaughter an advent calendar but everyone thinks it’s from an admirer. In this movie, Abby receives an Advent calendar from her grandfather and every gift is a clue. The clues are about what will happen each day with her boyfriend, job, etc.

The Princess Switch

Also new this year, Vanessa Hudgens stars in this cheesy tale about Stacy, a baker, who’s in Belgravia to participate in a baking contest and a princes’ fiance who switch places for two days.

The Princess Switch

Switched Again

When Margaret’s Christmas coronation complicates her love life, her double Stacy steps in to save the day. But willa third look-alike ruin their plan?

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix This Christmas 2

A Christmas Prince

This was last year’s most popular and viral movie on Netflix and is already being watched numerous times by the kids in my house. This one is about a journalist who is assigned to the royal family for stories and falls in love with the prince.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

This is, of course, the successor to A Christmas Prince. Last years edition went viral, while this is cute, I think The Christmas Chronicles will take the viral award this year. The tale is all about her love and whether she can handle being a Princess. 


Christmas Wedding Planner

If you missed it last year, catch this tale about Kelsey, a wedding planner about to grow her business by planning her cousin’s opulent wedding. Connor, a private investigator shows up to investigate the groom. While investigating the groom, the two fall in love.

Christmas With a View

Another new one this year, nothing says Christmas like a ski resort. Am I right?! Clara, who manages the ski resorts restaurant, is less than happy that a celebrity chef is named the new head chef.


The Spirit of Christmas

This one has a totally cheesy plot about a haunted bed and breakfast but it will win you over.  Kate needs to get this B& B appraised, and only has three weeks to do it and get it sold. Kate meets Daniel, the resident ghost who only returns each December for twelve days of Christmas.

Merry Kissmas

Kayla is set to marry a self-centered choreographer and kisses a man in an elevator whom she ends up falling for.

Love Actually

This movie is considered a classic by many. This rom-com about eight couples whose lives intersect takes place in London at Christmas and stars Hugh Grant.



There you have it! The Netflix Christmas movies to watch this year! While some may be cheesy, they are cheesy in a good way or I would not recommend them. If there are any I missed, let me know in the comments!


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