Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year 1
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Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year

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Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year- Looking for something fun and different to celebrate the New Year? With everyone social distancing, we were too! We came up with these unique ways to celebrate the New Year while still bringing you together with your family and friends without leaving the safety and comfort of your homes!


Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year 2


Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year

There are a lot of ways you can say goodbye to this year and welcome a new one. Maybe you’d like to stay home and reflect on the things you want to change about your life, or you want to invite your friends and family over for a New Year’s Day brunch. 

But if you decided you’re staying home on 2020, then here are a few stay-at-home ideas to celebrate the New Year in unique and interesting ways. 


Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year 3


Make Your Own Spanish “Good Luck” Grape Skewers

The concept of eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year is a Spanish tradition that’s said to bring good luck and prosperity for the next 12 months and that’s something we can definitely use in the year to come. So stick 12 grapes into wooden or metal skewers and share the wealth of good fortune with your loved ones. You can incorporate your own twist by asking each family member to make a wish as they eat each grape. 



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Have a New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt

Kids get restless waiting for the stroke of midnight, so to keep them from dozing off (or getting on your nerves!) throw a fun scavenger hunt. Here’s what you’ll need:


Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year


Built the Coolest New Year Blanket Fort

Build a fort using blankets, mattresses, giant stuffed toys, sleeping bags, pillows, and chairs in the living room. Make sure the fort is facing the TV and that it’s big enough so everyone can join. Then order some takeout food or heat up some pizza rolls in the microwave and binge-watch a couple of family-friendly movies. But keep an eye on the clock so you don’t miss the ball dropping in Time Square.


Stay-At-Home Ideas to Celebrate the New Year 5

Have a Skype Party with Your Loved Ones

Plan ahead and ask your friends and family if they’d be interested in doing a Skype call on New Year’s Eve. Then, on the big day, everyone can join in, sip some wine, cider, or soda, and chat online about what’s been happening and what your goals are for the new year. It’s a great way to bond and catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while.


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Have a Pajama Party

Get the whole family together, (including your pets) and throw an end-of-the-year pajama party. Order a few festive PJs and slippers online if you want to go all out. You could also throw an ugly sweater pajama party if you’re up for it. Grab a few snacks, dip some cookies in milk, and do a movie marathon. You can even ask friends and family members who are out of town to join in through Skype.

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Make a Time Capsule

Create a time capsule by placing items related to things you and your family experienced like photos you took on a family trip, movie ticket stubs, theme park tickets, and even napkins of the favorite restaurants you dined in. You can also add a newspaper featuring a major event from this year. Then close it up and bury it in the yard or store it in a closet and open it again next year on New Year’s Eve to reminisce.

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