The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 1
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The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive

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The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 2The Best Candles to Give You All The Festive Feels

It may already be December, and Christmas is nearing, However, I always feel that we can up the festive feel in our homes.  So, I have the best candles for the occasion to help make things merry and bright.

When you get home, you want a way to lighten your emotional load, relieve stress and, most of all, feel all those cozy and festive feels. When I am home, I love to wear something cozy yet festive, watch my favorite Christmas movies (there are so many!).  However, it's when I turn my lights off and light my tree and all of my candles that the holiday spirit really kicks in. So, here is a list of my favorite choices for best candles of the season. These candles create a warm and festive glow to my holidays, so your mood immediately improves.

Candles are actually something I incorporate year round. I pick the best candles by my favorite scents, then buy the outer decorative holder for a lot of them. Especially since my favorite year-round scent tends to be one thought of as Christmassy (Is that a word?). For me, my candles are a standard not only for every day but for my holidays. I'm sharing all of my all of my favorites to get you (and your home) in the Christmas spirit!

The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 3Cozy Holiday Candle

What I adore about this is that it melds perfectly with my decor year round. The Crackling Cedar smells amazing! It looks stunning anywhere in your home!




→ Check It Out


Kate Spade Holiday CandleThe Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 4

With festive notes of fir balsam, vanilla and birchwood, the Kate Spade soy and paraffin mix holiday candle strikes a balance between cozy and festive--so perfect for chilly evenings.





→ Check It Out


The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 5The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 6The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 6The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 83 HOLIDAY CANDLES

diptyque and Pierre Marie have created a winter's legend that awakens the spirits of an imaginary folklore, in which candles take on magical powers, each representing one of the spirits from the legend. This dazzling set combines Pine Tree of Light, Exquisite Almond and Amber Balm in a classic format.   → Check It Out


Nest Classic Holiday CandleThe Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 9

The best candles make a beautiful seasonal statement. NEST Fragrance's Holiday Collection is a sophisticated and intoxicating blend of Pomegranate, Mandarin Orange, Pine, Cloves and Cinnamon with hint of Vanilla and Amber. Each candle has twice as much concentrated fragrance oil as standard candles, in a soft, slow-burning, soy-based wax. From hostess to mostest, the perfect present! Packaged in festive flocked red boxes with golden accents.




 → Check It Out


The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 10Urban Outfitters Holiday Artist Print Tin Candle

Urban Outfitters's exclusive holiday scented candles come in lidded tins featuring original illustrations from in-house artists!

- Christmas Tree: Mandarin orange, pomegranate, fir needle, cinnamon, incense + amber
- Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin, nutmeg, sugared ginger, vanilla + black cedarwood
- Spiked Cider: Apple, orange, cinnamon, clove, vanilla + tonka

→ Check It Out



Holiday Soy CandleThe Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 11

The Holiday soy candle will invite your senses on a journey back to memories of holidays past. With notes of cloves, pine cones, and sandalwood, this beautiful yet complex scent is the perfect scent to burn from fall to the end of winter. Enjoy creating new memories while burning your new holiday candle.




→ Check It Out


The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 12Nest Fragrance Festive Candle Trio

Holiday, birchwood pine, and sparkling cassis scents inside 3 stylish and festive glass vessels. Gift boxed in a lovely Nest box.




→ Check It Out


Mon Beau Sapin CandleThe Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 13

Mon beau Sapin, the iconic holiday candle by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, features snowy mountains inhabited by chamois, marmots and wolves. A starry sky and winterscape adorn this candle whose warm aroma evokes the traditional balsam fir.


→ Check It Out


The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 14Jolly Sweater Bag Candle

'Tis the season to be jolly. Forget about decking the halls. It’s your senses that deserve the season’s joys. And that’s exactly what this delightful fragrance brings. So you can fa-la-la-la-la to your heart’s content. [Tart, Berry] Tart black and red currants are blended for a sweet, yet sophisticated, holiday aroma. Knit sweater bag holds 7 ounce candle.




→ Check It Out


NEST Holiday Scented Candle Ornament The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 15

Holiday scent captures the aroma of a sparkling holiday season by blending pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber.

The NEST Fragrances Everyday Collection of luxury scented candles combines color, texture, and fragrance to enhance your everyday living and entertaining experience. The glass vases are designed to complement the beauty of their surroundings and the classic shape and modern stripe etching will complement any décor. Each fragrance has been created by the most accomplished perfumers at the world’s leading fragrance houses.

NEST Fragrances candles are made with a premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax that was developed over many years to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. The ingredients used are the highest grade of wax materials and the finest fragrance oils available. NEST Fragrances candles are well-known for infusing a room with fragrance.

→ Check It Out

The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 16Thymes Simmered Cider Poured Candle

Gather round and cozy up from Autumn all the way into the holiday season with Thymes Simmered Cider Poured Candle. Fill your space with this beautiful rose gold candle. Glowing with a simmering blend of freshly-pressed apples, cardamom and hints of bourbon and malted rum.


→ Check It Out


Harry Slatkin Set of 3 Deluxe 4-Wick Holiday CandlesThe Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 17

Add to the sights and sounds of the holidays with seasonal candle scents that make memories so magical. Decorate the air with deliciously scented, real-flame four-wick candles from this trio of festive scents by fragrance expert, Harry Slatkin. Enjoy a decadent sensory indulgence with every breath, or gift your loved ones with these scented treasures that transform a house into a home. These are from HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin.



→ Check It Out


The Best Candles to Make Your House More Festive 18Starling Project Holiday Candle

Starling Project's candle is composed of soy wax, which is then hand-poured into a white recycled glass vessel. Made from ethically-sourced essential oils (the very best candles are), the fragrance features wintry notes of pine and fir.


→ Check It Out




best candles for christmas

As long as your feeling festive, why not do a little holiday shopping.  If you need inspiration, then look at my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide to help you through it.  The range of options is so wide and contains some really interesting ideas.  So, give it a try.

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