2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Man Crates -THE Gift For Your Man This Season

Man Crates believes giving gifts should be exciting, not just a formality. Man Crates makes it fun and easy to find unique, meaningful gifts for all the men in your life. They go the extra mile to curate high-quality gifts for all kinds of guys, so you can feel confident you’ve found his perfect gift, no matter who he is. Because your gift to him should be as special as he is to you.

I was sent a Man Crate for my review and it made such a hit with me, it’s my number 1 pick for the men this holiday season!

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Luna Weighted Blanket

As someone who suffers from insomnia, I am always on the lookout for natural ways to help (meaning without drugs). The Luna Weighted Blanket aims to utilize “Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation” (DTPS) to release serotonin and melatonin, reduce movement while asleep, and provide an overall calming effect to help achieve a deeper and better night’s sleep. The pressure of the blanket gives the feeling of being hugged or swaddled and a sense of warmth and safety.
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Wonder Crate

This Christmas, why not change it up? Instead of another toy they’ll forget about in a month, how about a subscription box? And all kids love getting mail addressed to them.  They feel extra special!


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SNOOZ Sleep Machine

As someone who has trouble sleeping, I am always on the lookout for something to help. That was before SNOOZ. With a real fan inside, SNOOZ is a portable white noise machine that turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep.

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Happypop Socks

Happypop socks are the hip sock to wear for those who want to add a stylish flair to their outfit. Pick from interests (space, food, biles, etc) to career choices (medical, dentist, etc) and so much more. We were excited to get the Food Series giftbox. Super cute socks with donuts, pizza, tacos, and eggs and bacon.

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Get The Best Sleep of Your Life With rem-fit Zeeq Smart Pillow

If you are looking to monitor how you sleep, look no further than the Zeeq Smart Pillow with built-in Bluetooth speakers and even vibrating silent alarms. Amazingly, it’s even compatible with my Amazon Alexa!

While pillows are one of those things that people are very specific about their likes and comfort levels, I found this pillow to be amazingly comfortable and none of the features interfered with my sleep.

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