2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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Merry Christmas!  You’ve come to the right place for Christmas shopping inspiration.  I got to try numerous products oner the last couple months to share with you.  This list is full of stocking stuffers and other gift ideas for just about anybody on your Christmas list.  You can get everything you need right here, or find just a few items to round off your pile of presents.  Happy shopping.

Sudara Bhara Full Pant

The gift of fashion always pairs nicely with a good cause. Sudara full pants like the Bhara are very stylish and comfy. Plus, they have capris, tees and incredibly beautiful robes. As an added plus, any Sudara purchase also contributes to creating jobs and skills training for women in India.  Shop Sudara’s best sellers list to choose from the most popular styles.

Succulents Box

This is a great subscription box to get for even the most prickly friend or family member.  You can have cacti shipped to their door monthly.  Just go to SucculentsBox.com to make an order.  Not only do you get a new succulent every month, but you can learn about each plant with an identification card included in every box.


Stylish and functional always work best when they are together. Snowfox bar items are made of insulated stainless steel and come in a variety of forms and cocktail sets.  They are usable anywhere and keep your drinks the way you like them.


For those on your list that you plan to send gourmet food to, WataNut is an excellent choice.  WataNut.com has a great tasting variety of assortments and gift packages to choose from for any special occasion.  The gourmet food is baked from scratch daily and they offer flat rate shipping of only $8.95 per address.

Therapedic Weighted Blanket

If you know somebody who would benefit from a little sleep therapy, the weighted blanket at Therapedic.com may just do the trick.  I personally like a little extra weight and it helps me go right to sleep.  I’m not sure why it works, but this is a terrific gift for those of us who need a little help shutting down at night.

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder

What a cool stocking stuffer this is!  This cute and trendy nail polish holder from Tweexy gets worn on your fingers far from your nails to avoid any contact.  The silicon rubber rings can slide on or clasp over your fingers and they hold all types of nail polish bottles.  Get this nifty accessory now at Tweexy.com.

Sleep Club

Give Sleep a chance.  Everyone is so busy all the time.  Myself included.  Sleep Club is a great reminder to live a healthy and inspired life.  If you know somebody who loves sleep or just needs more of it send them something special from the Sleep Club Holiday Collection.  There is even stuff for the Jeff Bridges fan!  The Dude abides!

Supported Soul

These yoga mats from Supported Soul are really cool.  They are Canadian luxury mats designed to enhance and support your fitness journey.  As January looms this is an ideal gift for anybody who does or is beginning to work for that healthier and more fitness-oriented lifestyle.  Find a stylish yoga mat to check off your holiday list at SupportedSoul.com.


Waymats are a totally different type of Yoga Mat for that on the go outdoor lifestyle.  Waymats are portable and come in a variety of colors to express the energy that you connect with.  These yoga mats are a terrific gift for outdoors-loving men and women who love fitness.  Get your limited edition winter mats now!

Oska Pulse

for the tech or health guru on your Christmas list or even someone you know with chronic joint or muscle pain, the Oska Pulse is an excellent gift.  Oska Pulse is an egg-shaped device that gives off electromagnetic pulsating fields to treat localized pain and repair damaged cells.  It’s clinically proven to work.  Find out more at OskaWellness.com.

Sunshine and Glitter

How fun and cool are these awesome stocking stuffers.  Sunshine and glitter put the glam into SPF protection that we were always missing.  You have to go to SunshineGlitter.com and see all the fun styles and variety of delicious smelling and sparkly sunscreen and glitter lotion.

Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings

For delicious sweet chocolaty creations, Chocolate Pizza Company has you covered.  These holiday sweets make excellent gifts to send to anyone who has a sweet tooth.  The Chocolate Pizza Company has been enhancing special occasions with gourmet chocolate specialties for over 30 years.  They have fabulous options to choose from on ChocolatePizza.com.

Star From Afar

This fun Christmas game is inspired by the Star of Bethlehem that the wise men followed in search of Jesus.  It’s a nativity scene that comes with a book and a star to hide each night for your child to find.  The interactivity and the nightly reading gives the nativity the sense of an advent calendar.  Find it at StarKidsCompany.com.


The Zencube is a terrific way to clean and deodorize the air at your home by removing positive ions.  The fragrant and fresh smart air purifier works with your phone and also functions as a lamp and an essential oil diffuser.  If you want cleaner air in your home or workspace, you should get one at thezencube.com.

Spice Madam

Get the perfect gift for your loved one who enjoys cooking with a subscription box from Spice Madam.  Spice Madam is your passport to the world with recipes and spices from a different world location every month.  Music even comes in the box for a more rounded cultural experience.

Blackloud Earbuds

These earbuds send FM Radio to your smartphone.  The Soundot delivers super high-quality sound and has a very good, easy to use app.  This gift is terrific for entertainment purposes as high-quality earbuds, but are also perfect for emergency preparedness.


Best Planner Ever

BestPlannerEver.com is the best place to go to find the perfect planner to give anyone who wants to think clearly and achieve more.  These planners are designed by business coach Jennifer Dawn with the specific purpose of planning the life of your dreams.  Find testimonials and great styles for 2019, now.


This competitive family game is ideal for two or more people and is great for family gatherings and picnics.  Similar to marbles, Murbles are a sack of plastic balls with very simple gameplay that can be enjoyed by children and adults together.  You can even personalize the colors of your Murbles.  Find out more at murblegame.com.

Paddington Posable Playset

You can find a lot of different Paddington toys at yottoy.com, but this playset is my favorite.  It’s a collector quality 8 piece set, featuring a poseable 5″ tall Paddington.  If you are a fan of the classic, or of the recent movie, you will love it, too.

Gorgeous Kitchen Cream Whipper

This awesome device is just what the professionals use to whip cream instantly, plus it comes with decorating nozzles.  The cream whipper from Gorgeous Kitchen is the perfect gift for anyone with an at-home espresso machine or blender.  Make perfect whipped toppings for sundaes, milkshakes, coffee drinks etc.  Plus, you can create your own flavors.

Cool Snow Globes

Cool Snow Globes has, well… cool snow globes!  This resource for creative custom snow globes is perfect for gift giving occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and especially Christmas.  The globes you can purchase here are unique and speak to a range of interests. Snow globes feature nature, spirituality, recreation and more.

Jewel Within Spa Collection

The candles and bath bombs from Jewel Within make such great Stocking stuffers.  There is a bunch of home fragrance, candles and skin care from Jewel within that is great enough.  However, on top of that (or inside of that), you get jewelry!  The candles, bath bombs, and wax melts come with jewelry inside or a gold certificate for jewelry of your choice with a stated value between $1,000 and $6,000.  Try your luck at JewelWithin.com.

It Takes Two Hinged Bracelet

At 7 Charming Sisters, you can find the jewelry style that you connect with, or buy the ideal jewelry for someone you know.  This women-owned business has jewelry for all kinds of lifestyle, or image.  I got this It Takes Two Hinged Bracelet from Sylvia the Super Mom and Golden Gathering Necklace from Paula the Executive.  Take a quiz to find your style.

I Said Yes Bridal Box

Subscription boxes always make great gifts, especially for those who fall within a particular niche.  The I Said Yes bridal box is perfect for the newly engaged woman.  There is a subscription box option as well as a limited edition one time only option.  The box contents are a surprise, but you will get a thoughtfully themed arrangement of full and trial sized items.  Go to I-Said-Yes.com to find out more.







These excellent stocking stuffers from Adoratherapy are thoughtfully designed to boost your mood.  Vegan and cruelty-free room boost come in versatile mists that are like “Feng shui” for your mood.  The Chakra Boost roll-ons are made to open your chakras and awaken your senses.

The Cocktail Companion

This is another excellent stocking stuffer for someone who enjoys making their own drinks.  It’s a perfect companion for those who love to entertain and have company over.  You can find a variety of books to match with anybody on your Christmas list at Mango.bz, an independent Miami based book publisher in its fourth year of pushing and developing new trends from fresh voices.

Slime Making Kit

I know it sounds messy, but sometimes that’s the best way to learn.  At least it’s the most fun way.  This cool lab kit for kids is from Hand2Mind, a teaching resource and classroom supply website that features a ton of great STEM kits and language materials to enrich young minds.

6 Pc. SaaSoh Towel Set

For those celebrating a new home, or upgrading, these luxury towels make a fantastic gift.  There are a few styles to choose from but they are very high quality.  I got a six-piece set in pink and I love them.  SaaSoh makes wash cloths, hand towels, bath towels and even laundry accessories like detergent and fabric conditioner for the stocking.


abelle Grace Charm

Give the gift of a simple but elegant fashion accessory from Isabelle Grace.  I got a charm including a cute unicorn charm that you can personalize.  These necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and keepsakes make terrific gifts for all ages. Featured in the photo is the Laurel Initial Necklace.

The Gift of Quality Meat

For me, I want to give myself and my family healthy, organic foods. Pre Meats is just that. It’s quality grass-fed beef. From chuck roast to filet mignonground beef to ribeye, Pre has 11 deliciously consistent products to enjoy. You can order them online at EatPre.com, or buy a gift card for simplicity’s sake.







Precious Moments Platter

Precious Moments figures are iconic.  The immediately evoke an emotional response.  There is now even more to Precious Moments and you can fill your house with warm sentiments during any occasion.  This Thanksgiving Platter is perfect for conjuring up a grateful spirit.

Color Changing Cinema Box

This Cinema Box is an amazing gift that allows free creative reign to customizing any space at home.  It’s perfect for a teen bedroom or to decorate a new apartment.  The marquee message is customizable and changeable and the background lights up.  It even comes with emojis.  Get it right from ThanKiu2 now, on Amazon.com.

Quarto Group Books

Geometric wall art from Origami is a great way to liven up a space regardless of the other decorative features.  This book shows you how to spruce up your home with great ideas.  Books make excellent Christmas gifts and you can find them on a variety of topics at QuartoKnows.com.

Bath Bomb Making Kit

I love kits and they make such terrific presents.  They speak to our interests and our passions and teach us how to do what we love.  The best kits let you make what you already use and they become a DIY craft.  I got this bath bomb kit from bMaker and it is seriously cool.  At bMaker, you can also just buy bath bombs in a set.

Workman Publishing

I got a lot of books from Workman Publishing this holiday season.  There is quite an assortment of liftable books including coloring books, activity books, stickers and more.  There are also calendars.  I got the “A Year of Good Wine” calendar.  I thought it should be called “A Good Year” wine calendar, but maybe that’s just me.

Sunglass Warehouse

A whole warehouse of sunglasses for $15 in a variety of styles is clearly the best choice for stylish protective eyewear.  I got two styles. The Petra has a little more classic look and the Octavia is a little edgier.  You can find styles for any face and personality at this online store.

ALLEVEN Color Shield

This hydrating color protectant is a great beauty product for the stocking.  It evenly distributes and accommodates different skin types to visibly reduce blemishes and create a healthy looking glow.  Learn more about the ALLEVEN Colour Shield here.


House 99 David Beckham

House 99 comes in an assortment go gift options to choose from.  The products are packaged as grooming essentials with skincare and shaving supplies as the focus.  The gift packages are very convenient so you can get just the right gift for the men in your life.

Ventev Mobile Accessories

These are real crowd pleasers to add to your list of stocking stuffers.  The wireless and tangle free chargers, charging hubs and dash chargers are just the beginning of mobile charging solutions to fit any lifestyle.  I love the simplicity of Ventev accessories and they look great, too.

Frosted Willow Jewelry

I love how cute these Frosted Willow Bangles are.  They are thin, light,  and also clasp free.  You can customize them with names and dates as well.  These beautiful accessories make a thoughtful gift and a good way to commemorate a special occasion or remember somebody important in your life.




Yoga Pose OM Shirt

I got this amazing shirt from LA Pop Art that makes the OM symbol out of yoga poses.  What makes LA Pop Art so great for gifts is that there are unique graphics to fit every taste.  There is a Shark graphic made out of the text of the names of different species of shark.  For the history buff, there is an Abraham Lincoln made out of the Gettysburg address.  For the literary prospect, there is an Edgar Allen Poe made out of his poem, The Raven.  Lots of other options exist here for men, women, and children.


Want to give a great art inspired gift and reduce your carbon footprint?  Vida is a word of several meanings depending on language and culture. It’s a rare find, beloved, wisdom, and life all at the same time.  Those sentiments are wrapped up in the products they sell.  They also have a gift guide conveniently organized into price ranges.

12V DC Air Compressor Pump

This is a really handy piece of equipment to have and a great gift for anyone who is either into automotive care relies on their transportation to get work done or just likes to travel.  P. I. Automotive Stores offer auto supplies as well as other categories of products that would make great gifts, too.





Mom Bomb Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make a terrific Christmas gift, but Mom Bombs are special because the profits are used to fund MomBomb.org.  MomBomb.org is a charitable organization that is all about helping out moms who need it.  They provide services like laundry, food delivery, cleaning, and childcare.  They are also very transparent about where their money goes and who it helps.  That just feels extra Christmassy.

Kobo Ties

Hair ties are always in demand.  These Kobo Ties make great gifts because they are as stylish as they are functional.  Kobo Ties also sets handbags and wine bags in addition to designer ties.  It’s a great resource for picking up a few extras for the ladies on your nice list.

Playfoam Pals

A great gift for little ones to encourage creative play is Playfoam Pals.  They are cute little animal toys that come buried in Playroom.  Playfoam is a modeling substance that kids can shape into anything.  within the context of Playfoam pals, the Playfoam can be used to construct items for these new pets.  creative play encourages creativity and communication and modeling encourages motor skills.  Find Playfoam Pals at EducationalInsights.com.

Brooklyn Candle Studio

I love these simple and elegant candles.  I have Mimosa and Cypress candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio and they are great.  They make perfect gifts and they make it so easy to find presents within your price range.  You can even get a subscription box.  Additional gifts include long matches and wick trimmers.


Get SportyBand for the fitness enthusiast in your life.  These resistance bands are used in exercise for muscle toning.  The bands come in three different sizes and levels of resistance.  You can either buy a whole set or just a specific size.  The bands are completely gender neutral and suitable for all.  Find out more on their website.

My Audio Pets

Of all the fun, playful stocking stuffers, this is one of my favorites.  My Audio Pets are more than just cute.  They are tiny little high-quality wireless speakers.  You can pair them for true stereo sound, and they have a feature that allows you to take selfies easily with one click!  They come in a wide variety of cute collectible animals.

Febreze Wax Melts Warmer

Clean away orders and give your room a fresh smell with Febreze wax melts warmers.  This warmer is perfect with its sleek simple design.  This is a great gift for anyone who appreciates aromatherapy.  It’s also a perfect gift when you aren’t really sure what to get because it benefits everybody.

LilGadgets Headphones

If you have a little one age 4+ this is an excellent Christmas gift.  They designed these noise reduction Bluetooth speakers specifically for kids.  The volume is limited (93db) for child safety, but the performance is way higher than other kids headphones.  LilGadgets headphones also look nice.

Festive Cocktails

There is always someone who appreciates a good wine or spirit in their stocking.  If you aren’t sure what to get, I can recommend the Chase Potato Vodka or the Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin.  Malfy’s Gins are also available in new flavors that are a great modern take on gin and tonics. There are also festive wines from the Stella Rosa® Holiday Collection for those that prefer wine.


Tangy and light

1 ounce Malfy Gin

1 ounce real Grapefruit Juice

1/2 ounce simple syrup

Top with prosecco

  1. Shake gin, juice, and syrup with ice.
  2. Strain into a champagne glass.
  3. Top with prosecco to fill


Mionetto Prosecco

What gets the celebration going like Prosecco?  Mionetto’s efforts to combine premium quality, style, and taste into one unique emotion really pay off.  Their Design Del Gusto philosophy sets them apart as something special, so it’s fitting to open a bottle during special occasions.  Find it here.

Tini Lux Earrings

Tini Lux earrings are hypoallergenic.  So, they are the perfect jewelry/fashion accessory for anyone who suffer bad reactions to non-hypoallergenic earrings.  They are made from titanium and niobium which are inert, non-reactive metals.  The earrings at TiniLux.com are high quality yet affordable and they suit many different fashions.

Clementine’s Creamery

You probably don’t want to put this under the tree, but this ice cream is amazing and really good for special occasions.  This is a micro-creamery that has naughty, nice and vegan options.  I got to try the boozy banana, chocolate mole el mayor, maple and fig and the maple bourbon.  You can order them online at ClementinesCreamery.com, or buy a gift card for simplicity’s sake.  If you or someone you know is near St. Louis, they can actually go to one of the two locations.



D’Eco Unbreakable Glasses

Unbreakable glasses are just amazing.  I love having them around and being able to use them without worrying about the potential to break glass.  These look just like the real thing.  They are elegant and durable, plus you can even get them in silicon and stainless steel if those options catch your eye.  Shop around on their website for the perfect gift.






You can really make somebody’s Christmas with a Couchbed!  Couchbeds are high quality and a great value.  The mattress is memory foam and the style is functional and minimalist which is, so trendy.  The cooling gel infused mattresses are environmentally friendly, and come with a 10 year warranty.  Plus, you can have it shipped for free!




This is the ultimate gift for somebody on your list, I’m sure.  Hopsy is a countertop appliance that works as a draft tap system.  You can finally bring the tap room to your home with the Hopsy rotation of beers.  Hopsy works with dozens of breweries and they deliver right to your door.







Hosting Holiday Guests

Hosting your family for the holidays can be festive but overwhelming. Especially if you have no extra beds! Give them the gift of comfort with the Intex line of air beds such as the Intex Queen 22 inch raised Downy Airbed. This provides extra comfort with plush waterproof flocking for a luxurious feel. And ease of airing up with the built-in pump. With the flick of a switch add or remove the air. Easy as that! If you are going to a different family members house, give yourself this gift of comfort by taking with you and them the piece of mind that you are comfortable.




Don’t Forget Your Pets

I don’t know about you, but our pets are a member of the family and get gifts to 😉 I often do a stocking filled with pet-friendly treats. This year, JJ will be getting Green Coast Pets Full Spectrum Hemp Soft Chew Treats. Hemp supports a calm & relaxed demeanor, normal inflammatory response, strong immune system, and good neurological function. This is especially good if your pet gets anxiety like ours. And with New Years nearing, (and Fourth of July) it is very stressful to dogs due to the fireworks. Thanks to Green Coast Pet, JJ will have a treat that is made from her favorite, Peanut Butter.

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