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December Is The Best Time To Buy These 5 Things

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December Is The Best Time To Buy These 5 Things 2December is just crazy when it comes to shopping.  Parking lots are packed.  Your porch is littered with deliveries.  You have relatives and friends on lists you check way more often than Santa does, just to make sure you aren't forgetting anybody.  It's a big time for shopping and you have a lot to do.  There are also a number of December sales you could take advantage of.  To help, I have a gift guide that will hopefully provide some inspiration.  However, this list of things to buy in December should do you some good as well.  Bear this in mind as you cross off your shopping list and consider saving some money on yourself as well.


December is a great time to buy tools.  Despite tools being an excellent Christmas gift for the home improvement enthusiast in your house, prices are marked down because there simply isn't demand at this time of year.  The weather is too cold and home improvement projects get pushed off till the spring.  Additionally, the hardware stores are eager to push out their inventory, before the end of the year.  So, they have December sales!  It's a win-win-win scenario when you buy tools for Christmas.

Video Games

Video game sellers also have December sales.  Why this is, I have no actual, idea except that the Christmas season is really known for consoles.  Those usually come with a game included.  Just before and After Christmas are the best times to score big savings on video games.  Whether they are a last minute stocking stuffer or something to buy for the new console, video games at this time have deeply discounted prices.


For Christmas and beyond (Valentine's Day is just around the corner) jewelry is a time-honored romantic gift.  In December jewelry sales are everywhere and the hysteria does not last long.  Be on the lookout for big Jewelry sales in December and pounce on them quick even if it means dropping some hints.  Prices will not be so kind in January and February, so if not for Christmas, Valentine's Day shopping in December is the most frugal.


This is not for the full month of December.  Actually, According to and several other online sources, the end of any month is a better time to purchase a car than earlier in the month.  You are also more likely to get a competitive deal if you go not just at the end of the month, but the quarter as well.  They've got to sell those cars, and push those profits, right.  The best time is not just the end of any month, but the end of the year.  December 31 has the most competitive deals and the best bargaining edge for consumers buying the previous year's model.

Next Year’s Holiday Decor

Christmas decor is ridiculously expensive.  If you are just getting started or need to expand your inventory of Christmas decor, hold off until after Christmas to get everything you need for next years holiday season.  Everything is marked down to clear.  You can get everything from tree skirts and stockings to artificial Christmas trees at a huge bargain.  In addition to that, you can save on wrapping paper, Christmas cards and party supplies.  These things may be farthest from your mind when Christmas is over, but all you need is a good storage plan and you will save a bunch of money on next years festivities.  You will thank yourself later.


December Is The Best Time To Buy These 5 Things 3


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