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The Most Popular Gifts According to Pinterest

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The Most Popular Gifts According to Pinterest 2One thing is clear if you look to Pinterest the most popular gifts of the year.  People are pretty keen on being warm and welcoming with each other.  Three of the top five kinds of gifts all relate to how we treat those who are near to us.  As you shop for the perfect Christmas gifts this year consider items that fall under these popular categories found on Pinterest.  For each of these categories of popular Christmas gifts, I'll include some links and examples from Pinterest.  For additional inspiration, have a look at my 2019 Holiday gift guide.

Home Decor

The trendiest gifts in home decor are those items that are welcoming and bring warmth to the home.  Rustic farmhouse looks are very popular, especially among DIYers.  You can also find personalized gifts that bring a special touch to a family or home.  Warm colors and metals like bronze are most popular this year and you will find them incorporated into many of the best home decor pins as you look around for inspiration.  One example is this personalized farmhouse sign.


Its popular in 2018 to be a gracious host and invite guests into your home.  Besides warm and inviting home decor, a popular gift according to Pinterest is hosting related items.  You'll find countless inspiration from gift baskets, to DIY wine glasses and a multitude of other smart ideas.  Wine is definitely a recurring theme, but as there is always something to celebrate throughout the year, you can find some very specific, and therefore more personal gift ideas out there.  Here is a helpful guide to creative host gifts.


Another type of gift basket that is very popular in 2018 is wellness related items.  Popular Christmas gifts this year include items meant for staying well, or for getting well.  Essential oils remain a very popular choice for those looking to encourage health and wellness.  On Pinterest, you will find a variety of wellness relate gifts from get well soon themed gag gifts, to lifestyle-oriented gifts like insulated water bottles and essential oil diffusers.


According to Pinterest, when people aren't at home entertaining guests, they are out globetrotting.  One of the most popular kinds of gifts, people look for inspiration are travel related.  From organization to travel-related tech, Pinterest has the recommendations and surprising ideas you might never even think of.  There are even gift guides devoted to travel to help you get your mind focused on finding the perfect gift for your traveling friend.


Last but not least, who could forget Jewelry.  Of course, jewelry is chief among popular Christmas gifts.  You don't need Pinterest to tell you that.  However, you can find a surprising assortment of jewelry styles and materials that give some insight into the current trends and various types of jewelry you can consider.  Jewelry related to nature, religion, pop culture is all just the tip of the iceberg.  Pinterest is absolutely chock-full of unique styles of jewelry.  Some are DIY while others are uniquely crafted.  Watches, bracelets, and unique rings and pendants will provide all the inspiration you need for the right jewelry for any relationship.  I'm fond of this personalized family tree pendant.


The Most Popular Gifts According to Pinterest 3

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