5 Easy and Simple Ways To Start Growing Your Blog

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If you are just starting out with a blog of your own, follow these tips to gain some ground and build on your success.  You may be struggling to grow your audience.  Maybe you are having difficulty generating the reach or the traffic you would like.  These tips are some of the simplest ways to start growing your blog so that you can build a strong following that cares about the content you create.

Grow through Social Sharing

One of the best ways to start growing your blog is through social sharing.  Not just your own blog, mind you, but other relevant content.  connecting with other bloggers in your category and sharing relevant material to your readers does two things well.  First, it will help you grow your own social media following organically with a built-in audience for your brand of content.  It also helps you to understand what type of content is generating the greatest response.  You can use that information to create powerful content that will draw your followers to your site.

Grow Through Optimized Searches

It’s not enough to simply have a large social media following and high reach.  You also should be optimizing your blog posts to really start growing your blog.  That’s so people who search for relevant content can find you without the use of a direct link from a social share.  Start with simple SEO (search engine optimization) to begin with.  Then concentrate on getting your best performing content to rank.  This takes some time, but it yields results in the form of improved traffic to your site.

Grow Through Targeted Readership

I alluded to this in the social tip, but it bears repeating as a tip of its own.  You will grow fastest by creating targeted content that your audience is responding to.  This is the easiest and best way to develop a relationship with your readers.  You want them to keep coming back habitually to find out more on the topics they have come to know you for.  When you develop content that you know will get you traffic it is so much easier to expand your reach and cultivate a following that continues to return to your blog for whatever is new.

Grow Through Sharable Content

There are a lot of facets to what makes content shareable.  In part, it depends on what social platform you want to gain traffic from.  Presumably, there are several.  Making content sharing easier by using a management tool that connects to all of your accounts is one thing, however, you should also consider how each platform is unique when posting to them.  Just like targeted content on your site, you should target your posts to generate the greatest response.  Additionally, you should always ask for the follow and the share.  Make it easy for people to connect with you on your blog’s homepage and direct your readers to share your content.

Grow through Great Images

One facet of engaging content is the images you use alongside that content.  Original photos that are dynamic and expressive are the best way to initially attract a follower to clicking on your post or reading your blog content.  You don’t have to take a course in photography, but you definitely could.  Taking great photos and learning how to edit them are two keys to creating graphic content that will help sell your posts and generate more clicks by piquing the interest of potential followers.



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