Boost SEO in WordPress : 5 Reasons Why You Want To 1

Boost SEO in WordPress : 5 Reasons Why You Want To

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If you are a blogger or looking into starting, I am sure you have heard of SEO and looking at how to boost SEO for your blog. The quickest way to incorporate SEO as a new is with the app for WordPress called Yoast.

Using Yoast to Boost SEO in WordPress


boost seoYour blog or website is an invitation to the world to take a peek at what you have to offer. From blog posts and relevant content to goods and services that make life easier, people can’t benefit from your site if they don’t know it is there. SEO - search engine optimization - is the key to ensuring people know you exist. The higher your content ranks, the more likely an audience will find you.


Yoast is a WordPress plugin that helps site owners gauge how well they are optimizing SEO for their content. Yoast uses prompts to help improve SEO and ensure every element of a post or other content works together for the best ranking possible. 


Here are some of the benefits of the YOAST plugin to boost SEO:


It doesn’t cost a thing: Yoast is a free plugin that works on self-hosted WordPress sites. It is easy to install and there is a lot included with the freemium. You can upgrade to a premium package, but most people find the free plugin to be more than enough for what they need.

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Simple to understand: The prompts and matrix are easy to understand. From a user perspective, Yoast makes sense. There are clear steps to take to ensure content is being maximized and Yoast offers indicators that your content is on or off-base for optimization. A green light, yellow light, red light indication system helps gauge how well your content matches the keywords you intend to optimize. Yoast lets you know if there is no content, room for improvement, or you are good to go.


Reduces duplicate content: Yoast alerts you if your content is redundant or less likely to rank higher. Some versions of Yoast even offer synonym and related keywords to help maximize content. Yoast helps ensure content is readable - which is relative but can help get your work higher rankings on a search.


Increases the links coming into your site: The more people who find your site, the more search engines trust your content and see it as an authority. Yoast can help increase traffic and links to your site, making it more likely to rank higher.


Offers snippet feedback for your review: Once you have created your content you can consult the feedback via the “Page Analysis” tab. This information lets you see how your content will be interpreted by search engines and offers valuable editing options to improve your work.

Maximizing your SEO and ranking as high as possible in a search helps make sure your content is one of the top links available. Yoast makes it possible to streamline SEO and effectively create content that is more likely to get noticed and get clicked. Grab this free WordPress plugin and increase your SEO in no time.


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